Top expensive Mercedes car

SLR Mclaren red gold dream

If you have ever thought of spending 1 million dollars on a car and then though it would be way too much to spend on a car then think twice before reading this article. This article contains top most expensive Mercedes in the world the price of whom can be literally insane because of its rich history or expensive accessories or powerful engines or incredible performance or many such other reasons. When you will hear the prices of these top most expensive Mercedes in the world, your heart will skip a heartbeat. The owners of majority of these cars are interested in collection of these cars instead of driving these. As a matter of fact, majority of the cars which are in this article are limited edition only. Mercedes are the benchmark cars and when you buy them you get nothing but the best. Here is a list of some of the most expensive Mercedes in the world.

  • 1954 Mercedes Formula 1 race car

This Mercedes makes the top of the list of most expensive Mercedes in the world. The cost of this car is $29.6 million. Yes you heard it right, it is that costly. Now you just be thinking it is insane to spend this much huge amount of money on a car and for what reason someone would buy a Mercedes worth 29.6 million dollars. This Mercedes has a priceless history which makes it this pricey. This is the same car which was once used by the popular formula 1 car race driver Juan Mauel Fangio who sat the new formula 1 world record. This is the reason of this car being this insanely costly. This Mercedes has an old school look which is proof of its alluring and rich history.

  • SLR Mclaren red Gold Dream

This is 2011 model of Mercedes and it also has a jaw dropping costing of 10 million US dollars. This model of Mercedes has everything that you can wish for in a car gold interior, 999hp and gold rims. The entire interior of SLR mclaren red gold dream is gold coated along with having gold coated rims. This Mercedes is also very much popular for having 5.4 liter V8 engine which produces 735 KW torque and 999hp. This makes this car the most powerful one in the entire list. This car can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds. Nothing can be better than red gold dream when you are looking for ultimate luxury along with power.

  • C112 Mercedes Benz concept

This model of Mercedes is of 1991 and it was considered as the most powerful concept car in the market on that time and till date. This car has passed the test of time and even after passage of such long time, C112 Mercedes Benz concept is astounding and most powerful cars in the market carrying a price of 4 million US dollars. This car has a 6 liter V12 engine which can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds which is quite impressive in past and in present. This car is old yet it is powerful and in demand.


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