Ways of Buying used bike

Tips of Buying used bike

There can be several reasons behind buying a used bike, you might have just learnt driving and not confident to use the new one, or you might don’t have enough budget to go for the new one. Well if you have finally decided to buy a used bike, you must check out factors affecting the purchase of used bike. If the used bike you bought turns out to be good then it’s okay otherwise you might have to put up too many bucks in the repairs and replacement of several parts of the bike. Well don’t get demotivated by this factors, to help you out with the process of buying a used bike, here are some of the tips.

  • Decide the type of riding you are doing

Well the type of bike to buy depends majorly upon the use of the bike. Whether the use of bike is for sports, travelling, commuting or for all in general must be decided before buying. Buying a 1000 cc bike can be super exciting and driving it can be real fun but it would be a head ache to use for commuting during peak hours of traffic. Hence choose the type of usage and then go for buying a used bike.

  • Buy from reputable dealer

Private sellers of the used bike will charge lower price but in case if something breaks down or your bike just blow off then you will not have any backup plan. Whereas if you are buying a used bike from a reputable dealer, they will provide you with some kind of warranty or at least they will take responsibility if something goes wrong just in the first month of purchase. If you still decide to buy a used bike from private seller then at least take the bike to a reputable dealer and get it inspected and tested. Certain bucks spent at this stage would save up plenty of bucks in the future if something goes wrong. Dealership can also help you do the history search of the ownership and gives you assurance that the bike is not stolen and is safe for purchase.

  • Check out the bike

Take some of the handy tools and also a flashlight and checkout the bike by yourself. Take a look at the sprocket and drive chain. The teeth of the sprocket should be such that it should not show any visible wear or damage. Chains usually get old and wear after some period of time but sprocket should be lasting for longer period of time. If the sprocket is poor and old then the bike is not worth buying.

  • Take a test drive

Before buying a used bike, it’s very essential to take a test drive. Choose a day with good weather, clear visibility and dry roads. Don’t forget to take your license as while taking test drive, certain sellers keep your license as security. While driving the bike, make sure to check the brakes and accelerate. Make sure that the brakes are smooth.


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