ways of Buying used cars

Tips for Buying used cars

Buying a used car is always an affordable and more convenient option if you have just leaned driving and not confident on your driving abilities. Buying a used car is also great choice if you are short on budget and want to upgrade from your current vehicle which is bike. If you are a leaner, you can try your hand and gain some amount of confidence by buying a used car. You can get a good and luxury model that too in low price if you go for buying a used car. However these were some attractive points of buying a used car but it also have some drawbacks which should be checked before making the final decision.  There will be replacement of batteries or tires or there will be some of the worn out parts if you are buying a used car. These are not much reliable but have more breakdowns. Hence you must be very careful before buying a used car. Here are some of the essential things to consider buying a used car to avoid mistakes and get good outcome of your purchase.

  • Budget

It’s always advisable to have a rough idea as to how much amount you can afford in buying a used car. By doing so, you can avoid overlapping your financial criteria. While you are deciding your budgetary criteria, you must consider the insurance and such other cost along with.

  • Test drive

Before buying a used car, you must always have a test drive on the local road as well as highways. By driving in different environment, you can have a better feel on the performance of the car and how the car responds in different environment. While driving on local roads, you can get a feel on how the car is shifting and responding while taking sharp turns. You will also get a fair idea on the brakes and stops and go’s of the car. By taking a test drive on the highway, you can get a fair idea as to whether the engine is running smoothly or not. Ensure to keep your eyes and ears open while taking a test drive before buying a used car. This will give you idea if there is issue which can be turned into big repair or replacement on a later stage.

  • Take a leak test

Now this is one of the most important things to consider while buying a used car. Any car which has a leaking fluid is a sign that it needs to be repaired. When you are taking test drive of the car, take a moment and park your car in a clean and clear area on a road and run the car for minimum period of 30 seconds. After that move your car away and then make a visible inspection for any leaking substances. If you see a black fluid then it might be an indication of leaking oil which is not a good sign.


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