SUV: 2011 Acura MDX

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The Acura MDX happens to be a Japanese car and it is also popular known as the Honda MDX as it belongs to the parental company of Honda. Since 2001 Acura model came into production and designing. The car has many modern and contemporary features and also comes with five speed automatic engine which has a 4 wheel drive. It is mid-sized and was manufactured in Canada.

Before the Acura MDX there was the Acura SLX. In both Japan and Australia the Acura MDX is manufactured and it was released in the market for sale in 2003. The key features that set the car apart from the others is the DVD set in the front seat which gives the ultimate entertainment to the passengers, the unique navigation system, the arrangement of the wheels in the kiwi style and the 5 door SUV.

The car has amazing rotating capacity and comes with a splendid torque which rotates around 4000 to 5000 times every minute.


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