Lamborghini Huracan – The 2015 Car

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Lamborghini HuracanAre you an ardent connoisseur of Lamborghini and looking for the latest model? Well, you can take to Lamborghini Huracan 2015 as this cutting edge supercar is arguably the best delivery from the Italian auto giant. It’s a 2-door-coupe mid-engine vehicle with 4-wheel drive and space for 2 passengers. The post here is a brief review on Lamborghini Huracan 2015.

Looks & body

Lamborghini has always been revered for its exquisitely edgy models and the all-new Huracan 2015 duly bears that rich coveted Italian legacy. You will regard the shark-like portfolio which seemed to be made from polygons- the car carries an understated poised style statement with its not-so-sharp edges & points.

Its aluminum which has been extensively used for Huracan’s skin & underlying. One of the best bits about the latest Lamborghini model is the investment on carbon fiber at center tunnel, rear bulkhead & portions of B pillars. It’s a great step no doubt and this composite can be duly credited for around 10% reduction in weight as well as 50 percent increment in rigidity as compared to predecessor Gallardo. The new Huracan 2015 weighs lesser to 3400 pounds. The carbon-fiber particles are baked, glued & riveted into aluminum structure & Huracan has got its core assembled in Germany. It’s a good thing that Germany is actually calling shots for the Lamborghini models today and has taken up a number of pivotal charges in building the car- the Germans have got real standards.


Staying true to its supercar aura, the Huracan 2015 promises a solid speed – the car is capable of around 202 mph & can transcend from 0 – 60 mph within 2.9 seconds.


The Huracan 2015 is powered with a V-10 5.2 l engine capacity. Built in Hungary, Huracan’s engine assures 50% better hp in comparison to its predecessor Gallardo. The new steam promises 602 horsepower @ 8250 rpm and 413 lb-ft of torque @ 6500 rpm. The Hungary workshop has equipped the Huracan with a state of the art dual-fuel injection & revised intake capacity that could be credited for extra prowess honed by the latest Lamborghini. As per the statements from the Italian auto giant, the dual-fuel injection is meant to add on power, enhance fuel economy & cut on emissions.

Fuel economy

The car assures 15 mpg EPA for city and 21 mpg EPA for highway.


The Lamborghini Huracan 2015 comes up with a dual clutch 7 speed automatic transmission- accompanied by manual shift Paddle shifters which enable driver to pick the gears. While left in the automatic mode, Huracan’s transmission would do its best possible to ensure correct gear sans sucking down much of fuel.

ANIMA switch

Huracan comes up with ANIMA switch at a 6 o’ clock position of steering wheel that toggles between corsa and strada & changes engine, transmission, split, damper settings, steering and axle torque.


Huracan 2015 presents a glam interior, blended with touches of practical and exotic. It’s a hexagon-themed car with retro cockpit, hex-shaped vents, 12.4” TFT screen- that can show speedometer, tachometer, phone, audio, navi9gation maps & directions.

Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

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Buying A Used CarAlthough buying a used car is economical it involves a lot of inspection before you decide on buying it. You do not want to end with something that is nothing more than a junk so, a careful inspection of the car is very important. There are certain things that you need to know that must be checked in the car before you buy it. Visiting and analyzing the car in good light maybe during daytime is a good idea. Be familiar with the car and do not rush through the inspection. It is much more challenging to buy an old car as it needs a lot of effort to check it condition and usage details.

• For starters check the run of the car. You should know how old the car is and how many years it has been used. Usually a car that 3-5years old is a good and decent buy. The mile-o-meter in the car can be helpful for calculations but it is very much possible that the mile-o-meter of the car has been tampered. So, make sure that you do not get fooled.

• The next and most important thing about the car is its engine. Check if the engine of the car is not noisy and runs smoothly. A healthy engine is essential for the car to last. An engine that is good is not very noisy and does not emit bad smoke.

• Certain things such as a tyre that is in good shape is also a plus point. However, if the tyres do not look very good you could bargain and negotiate with the price. You are sure to get reductions.

• They car owners might even try tricking you. They could have re-painted the car to hide the damages. So, be sure that you buy a car that has been well maintained. The bonnet area can be checked for scratches and any wear and tear. A good maintained car will be free of all this.

• The battery of the car is an integral component. Check that it is in a good running condition. If not there is always room for reductions in price.

• The electrical components, lighting, dippers, working music system are also important. If you see any of them not up to the mark you can demand reductions. If the car that you are looking at has air-conditioning facilities, check that it is working well.

• Once you are done with the inspection of the car you now need to make sure that all the documents related to the car are in proper condition. Ensure that the car you are buying from is the first owner of the car and no middlemen are involved. Check the registration certificate of the car and its authentic papers. Also check that the numbers on the engine and the papers match.

• Make sure that the car you buy has been registered in that very state if not, you do the proper documentation. Also check for the insurance of the car. Make sure that you know about the accidents and claims if any have been made for the car.

• Check if you can find cheap auto insurance for your new vehicle. You can visit comparison sites like and get a few automobile insurance quotes for your new ride. Don’t make the mistake of buying a car without checking how much it would cost you to insure it. Some autos can be cheap to buy because it is expensive to insure. You have already blown the budget on it. Next thing you want is to find out you cannot pay the insurance premium.

Once you have checked all of the above you are in a good position to buy the car.

Top 3 Ducati Models Of 2014

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Ducati modelsDucati is renowned for its performance. It is just not about superbikes rather the range is wide. Today you can have all new dimensions while you zoom your way through the Ducati’s line up of the model. With commuter, cruiser of the boulevard, fun rider of the backroad and racer of the track day you can curve your way out into the streets. Ducati is special because of the obvious reasons that it offers a complete package in terms of its style, feel of the handle, technology and almost no comparison with the other super bikes.

The top 3 Ducati models of 2014 are- Monster 1200 and 1200S, Diavel Strada and Multistrada 1200 S.

Monster 1200 and 1200S – the Monster range is not just a bike but a different lifestyle altogether. It is an iconic motorcycle from Ducati. The philosophy behind all the models of Monster is ‘less is more’. The motorcycles are compact. But the new versions of the Monster have been able to create a pared down effect than the earlier models. The motorcycles have been redesigned in its function and form. The components are all new. The weight is less but the torque is more. The history of Monster is an inspirational as well as successful. The last version from Monster is hailed as the Ultimate Monster. The engine and the chassis are all brand new. The new added features are the riding mode which is electronic, control of the traction by Ducati and ABS which is programmable. The design is aesthetic. In the 1200 S version there is the function of shock absorber. The MSRP of the both 1200 and 1200 S are 13,495 $ and 15,995 $ respectively plus freight.

Diavel Strada – the design of the new Diavel is intoxicating. It is not just a cruiser but improved LED headlight, comfort of the ride, powerful engine and handling by its razor sharp version. Diavel has been a new concept since its inception. The seat height of the Diavel is also low making it ultra comfortable. With Teestastretta of the degree of 11 it is a power cruiser though its glistening armour is the handles. Despite being a boulevard bike it has tremendous control with its handling. It is a gem of a bike as far as the technology is concerned. The latest edition to the already existing variant of a huge rear tire, taillights, and swing arm is the accessories of the touring which comes in installed. It gives an easy ride performance with windscreen, saddle, handlebars and saddlebags of the touring variant which has a price tag of 19,495 $ and additional freight.

Multistrada 1200 S – A sporty bike range from Ducati is equipped with both capabilities of the multi-service and long distance. The latest technologies that have been added to the Multistrada are revised Testastretta, suspension system of the skyhook, handlebars, revised seat, saddlebags, crash guards of the engine, race wheels and red stitch on the red seats. It comes at a price tag of 22,495 $. When it comes to sporting motorcycle it is Multistrada! It gives a blend of all the combinations.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Review

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Mazda MX-5 MiataThe Mazda mx-5 model was launched in 1989 and till now it continues to be most excellent promotion adaptable. It is also termed as Miata in North America and Roadster in Japan. This two-seater roadster is built by Mazda in Hiroshima in Japan.
It is a classic roadster with some present means. It possess improved handle, round instruments, slim roof, slim places and has a great gear lever. The 1.6 liter engine is enough for standard requirement. If you alter frequently the speed you can get good assessment of acceleration. It has a reasonable tensile power. Fuel expenditure of 8.7 liters is inside adequate boundary. The drawback of MX-5 is that there is restricted space for travel luggage which states that it should not have more than one bag and the room for mineral water which is only in the right front seat of the passenger.

In spite of everything the roadster is about for transportation as it only gets you from one place to other. The main task of sports car like Miata is to make your style statement. After a JD power survey which is about the customer satisfaction in UK. Mazda MX-5 has won the title of best sports car in 2010. Near about 17000 cars proprietor took part in the annual survey held in UK. Maintenance cost, services after sale, interior quality, and reliability performance were the main grounds on which the cars were voted. Mazda MX-5 has achieved the utmost degree of 82.3% after counting the votes thus earning the label of best sports car.

Over 20 years Mazda MX-5 has won 160 awards becoming one of the preferred models of the industry all over the continent. The owners of this model found that this model is very strong, reasonable and pleasurable to drive. MXx-5 has become even more admired with the discharge of electric retractable roof in 2006.

Jaguar F type

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Jaguar F typeDistinctive, agile and powerful the Jaguar F type is one of the best sports cars that Jaguar has launched till now. The instant responsive handling together with the high performance makes it stand out from all the other models. The supercharged engines, advanced driving technologies and light weight aluminum body will create a rush of adrenaline in your blood. The Jaguar F type comes in three different models each of which has different specialties. Given below are the models:

• F Type S- it has great sophistication suspension technologies and tremendous power which increases the performance and balance.

• F Type V8 S Convertible- this model has been engineered for instant responsive handling and high performance and it also has a high level of dynamic capability together with great control. The performance of this model is exotic and very few cars can match the performance of this model.

• F Type R Coupe-
the peerless design along with the advanced dynamic technologies makes this car a hot favorite for the drivers who want the ultimate driving experience. It has supercar performance level with instantaneously responsive handling.

The power of the Jaguar F Type is something to be highly appreciated. It has a range of three highly powerful engines: 5.0 L V8 550 HP, 5.0 L V8 495 HP, 3.0 L V6 380 HP and 3.0 L V6 340 HP. The V engines help to maintain the compact dimensions of this type and the twin vortex supercharger induction technology makes it completely different from all the models Jaguar has launched so far. The supercharged induction technology also helps to add to the linear power deliver which in turn impacts on the high levels of torque thus increasing the overall performance of the car. The engine responds immediately and maintains the brand name which Jaguar has created so far.

2014 Alfa Romeo C

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2014 Alfa Romeo CThe 2014 Alfa Romeo C has been made to look like an exotic Ferrari. The height, width and other proportions have improved as compared to the previous models. To begin with the features this model has a catalytic converter, a turbo and a whopping 130 millisecond of gear change. The Alfa Romeo C also has a four cylinder that runs 1742 cc and it is all aluminum with turbocharged and direct injection facility. The V12 engine roars up every time the car starts. For a short brake it trades a power snapping balance in the shafts which leads to an eight crankshaft counterweight. With this it is able to produce 237 HP and 258 lb ft of torque. Although it has some drawbacks such as it does not have knee airbags nor does it have side airbags and there is no satellite radio or carpeting yet this car is acceptable to the car enthusiasts because of the wide range of features it comes with.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo C has the ability to pick up 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and the automatic dual clutch makes it easier for the driver to maintain the stability and balance of the car. The gear box has not been changed in this model and as it turned out there is also a Dodge Dart option with final drive ratios to compliment the gear box. This is absolutely new and has never been seen in the cars of this brand. One good thing about this car is it has no wheel spin thus allowing the driver to have full control over the car in all conditions. In the first gear the digital speedometer climbs up to 24 mph and the dual barrel shotgun blasts out when it is in the second gear.

Purchasing Second-Hand Car Parts Online

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Purchasing Second-Hand CarIn the early days it was very difficult if someone wanted to purchase second hand car parts. It was said to be something which would go on for a number of days until most parts were got at the most reasonable bargain from ten different shops. However nowadays it has become very easy to shop for second hand automobile parts and other accessories. Thanks to computers and the internet this has become something which is not so difficult after all. Now spare parts and second hand parts can be easily bought sitting in the comfort of your own residents without shedding even one drop of perspiration.

However this process is not as easy as it sounds. Before you sit for shopping in the first place always remember to keep your VIN pin (Vehicle Identification Number) ready. This helps in searching for what you’re looking for faster without much delay especially when it is a new engine that you’re looking for. When you sit online for purchasing and looking for a good deal, don’t get so lost in the technical descriptions of a part that when it arrives at your doorstep you realise that’s not what you went looking for firstly.

Also remember to ask the prices in the vehicle repair place near your house first and then go for online research. Sometimes online websites offer a price which is much more compared to the ones you get for real. This is because you don’t have to go looking for what you need and that much effort is not spent. A prior inquiry in such cases is always a good option. Never ever overlook the descriptions and details in the purchase brochure and always ask for a warranty even for the second hand purchase made online.

Eco-Friendly Car

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Eco-Friendly CarWith the fast degrading environment, awareness is fast spreading and thus environment friendly things are becoming more and more adequate and their sales too is going up. However is best you know about eco friendly cars as much as you can. It is very common fast indeed that eco friendly cars are called so because they are way less harsh on the environment than the regular vehicles. The emissions are lower thus causing a lesser impact on the environment. Another thing about these cars is that if you get stopped at regular intervals due to red lights and traffic jams the gas engine turns off on its own kicking in the electric motor. However there is another advantage of parking as far as these vehicles are concerned. Parking is free for green vehicles by the government law. Bio ethanol vehicles are also available as green vehicles not only the electric engine ones.

However inspite of the various advantages the major con is the price. These vehicles are super expensive and might not be affordable by everybody. Since the technology used is very high standard not every garage may be able to repair your vehicle and the ones which are able to will charge a very expensive rate. The parts of this car are expensive to obviously the repair or replacement will be quite a pinch on your pockets. Insurance might be on the expensive side too for eco friendly vehicles. Fuel availability for these green cars can be tiring and not there in most places (bio ethanol).There are a few safety issues too, In case of an accident the electric engine tends to shut off.

If you do have an eco friendly car, maintenance is something which is of great importance. Washing the car weekly with minimum amount of chemicals and taking the least possible time helps a lot.

Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013

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Volkswagen car of 2013A Volkswagen car is a features stuffed car that surely needs no introduction in any part of the world. If you have a fetish for a ravishing car then you have to be a game for it. If you have eyes for a car that makes you feel great then you have to be a game for it. If you wish to win laurels seamlessly and effortlessly then you have to be a game for it. Here is a discussion on Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013. You bet that you are going to wish to get acquainted with them. What do you say? Let us get into an exciting journey.

• In the first place you would definitely like to know about the highly famed as well as high octane Volkswagen GOLF GTI. It is indeed a feature studded car for sure. If you are looking for some ravishing Volkswagen cars of 2013then this one deserves your attention. It is in fact a must have contraption doe you. You would like to know that it is a particular kind of a car that is a huge crush for stunt drivers. At the same time it is going to be an eye candy for those who are in love with stylish driving.
• In this connection you should also consider the option which is known as GOLF MK7. It is going to be a collector’s item for you. You can count on it.

So here all that you need to know about the Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013. You do need to make it a sure thing on your part that you would keep the gen intact in mind. If you have eyes for a car that makes you feel great then you have to be a game for these two options shared with you.

Review of Bugatti Vitesse

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Review of Bugatti VitesseBugatti Vitesse has already been able it titillate a good deal of response in the market. There is a great amount of oscillation in the market for sure. However it cannot be denied that the esteemed automobile is also supposed to be exposed to a good amount of controversies.

The 16.3 version has come to the market with a great deal of promise. As a matter of fact, with the grand release expectations really rose higher. If you take a close look at the innate hot spots of the vehicle you can sense that it is quite apt for people to think so about it. This particular car is supposed to be one of the fastest cars. As a matter of fact the car is supposed to move 20 MPH better as well as faster compared to its compatriots. It is accredited as a prototype or a test vehicle. It is to be noted that it is thoroughly approved by the government. Whatever it is, the car happens to be a glorious item in your collections. It is in fact a collector’s item. Bugatti engineers have really worked very hard on the creation of this particular vehicle. Bugatti engineers believe firmly that this futuristic car is meant for super sports. It is going to win laurels in this regard for sure. Looking at the issue of absurd speeding it seems the car is meant win races or centuries.

Before you are actually going to indulge bin some purchase decision you do need to take all the pros and cons into consideration. At the same time you need to be cautious about a few other crucial aspects as well. You do need to make it a point that you are going to be very careful about the technicalities associated with this particular car.

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