Top expensive bikes

Most expensive bikes

Bikes are one of the easiest vehicles to travel that too for day to day use. These are because if you have a car, there might be chances to stuck in the traffic and not be able to come out soon and getting late. Well bikes can go from even small spaces and helps you reach the destination very rapidly. When the discussion is going on about the bikes, you can’t miss out guys. Guys are generally crazy for bikes that too heavy bikes. There are several luxurious companies in the world which have made such bikes, looming at which you would probably wonder how is this bike even created, Well these is the magic of bikes. Bikes for guys are considered as the symbol of their personality and a basic and essential part of their identity. Well when you go for such luxurious bikes, these are expensive depending upon their design, speed, structure and outlook. These bikes are designed keeping in mind the perspective of thrill and luxury and passion of the bike drivers. These bikes are not meant for the commoners as these are highly expensive and unaffordable. If you are a bike lover and you can afford then have a look at this article. If you are a bike lover and you can’t afford then also refer to this article and know your fantasy to have one such bike. Here is a list of top most expensive bikes in the world

  • 1 Million Harley Davidson

The name itself suggests the jaw dropping price. Now you would be wondering it’s crazy to spend a price of 1 million US dollars just in a bike. But yes this true, if you are a mad billionaire and you are fond of driving bikes then you cannot resist buying this bike. This glamorous bike is designed by jack Armstrong and is one of the most exclusive and most expensive Harley Davidson you can ever get. Well now when it has such a huge price, it also justifies the same with its extravagant features. It has a highly powerful engine of six cylinders and it will avail you with the speed which is lightning fast. One of the best things about this bike is its ravishing style and design the color that this bike have on its body gives it a very unique look. This bike is at the top in the list of top most expensive bikes in the world.

  • Ultra rare porcupine

The name of the bike itself suggests that it is rare. This bike is one of the rarest bikes and this fact makes it very expensive. This bike was developed during the time of World War 2 and hence it is considered as very unique. Before sometime, this bike was part of a museum. But however now the museum has turned into a shopping place and anyone can by it. The price of this bike is 7,50,000 US dollars and is in the second place in the list of top most expensive bikes in the world.


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