When you were watching the Fast & Furious series you must have fallen in love with the Honda prelude, considered to be among the greatest of all the sports car to be ever manufactured by Honda. Honda prelude was built by Honda as Japan’s reply to American muscle car. There are five generations of Honda prelude with technological enhancements improving the successive generations than their predecessors. Powerful engines were added to the later generations of Honda prelude.

Honda prelude became the first car in Japan that featured technical modifications like a four wheel steering, Active Torque Transfer System, fuel injection and valve timing engine technology. Of all the five generations, the fifth generation Honda prelude had the most distinctive features that can distinguish it apart as a sports car. There was a marked improvement in the design of the body of the Honda prelude. The new generation Honda Prelude showed more features of a sports car than its predecessors but its manufacturing stopped in 2001.



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