Honda CR-Z

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The Honda CR-Z, also known as Honda Compact Renaissance Zero, is a highly improvised hybrid electric vehicle. It is manufactured by the well known car company Honda and is famous for its speed, low fuel efficiency and high pick up. The CR-Z is usually the upgraded successor of the Honda CR-X model.

The Honda CR-Z is operated by a gasoline and electric power engine. Apart from this the engine also has other features of a sports car engine. Its production started in the month of February in 2010 and the market is steadily increasing all across the world.

The Honda CR-Z has a 3 door hatch back body style with a FF layout. The curb weight is around 1,236 kg while the length of the wheelbase is around 2,435 mm. The car has a height of around 1,395 mm and a length of 4,080 mm. All these features make it very comfortable.


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