Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013

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Volkswagen car of 2013A Volkswagen car is a features stuffed car that surely needs no introduction in any part of the world. If you have a fetish for a ravishing car then you have to be a game for it. If you have eyes for a car that makes you feel great then you have to be a game for it. If you wish to win laurels seamlessly and effortlessly then you have to be a game for it. Here is a discussion on Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013. You bet that you are going to wish to get acquainted with them. What do you say? Let us get into an exciting journey.

• In the first place you would definitely like to know about the highly famed as well as high octane Volkswagen GOLF GTI. It is indeed a feature studded car for sure. If you are looking for some ravishing Volkswagen cars of 2013then this one deserves your attention. It is in fact a must have contraption doe you. You would like to know that it is a particular kind of a car that is a huge crush for stunt drivers. At the same time it is going to be an eye candy for those who are in love with stylish driving.
• In this connection you should also consider the option which is known as GOLF MK7. It is going to be a collector’s item for you. You can count on it.

So here all that you need to know about the Top 2 Volkswagen car of 2013. You do need to make it a sure thing on your part that you would keep the gen intact in mind. If you have eyes for a car that makes you feel great then you have to be a game for these two options shared with you.

Maintenance tips for a Volkswagen

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The stylish Volkswagens demand proper attention and care purely out of affection for your cars. There are several components of the cars that need to be looked into for proper maintenance of your cars over the years. The lifetime of your Volkswagen can be increased if you pay attention to changing the oil regularly – a VW Beetle gives an average of 7-8 thousand km before an oil change while a 2007/2008 Beetle goes for 12500 km. While synthetic oil works best for VWs. Your VW deserves the normal octane fuel though it costs more.

The VW heating-cooling system is unique and one of their best features, but to ensure proper working it is necessary to drain out the coolants of the engines regularly – including the cleaning out of points, spark plugs and the adjustments of valves. You will always know that the axle-bushing of your car need a change when your VW is making loud complaints from the rear end each time there is a bump on the road. Lastly, your floor pans may be rusted but the good thing about VW is that the floor pans can be replaced without a large payment.

VW Golf VR6

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Volkswagen, a giant in automobile industry, has been playing up with its Golf versions. It looks like its latest improvement should be final as the VR6 engine is giving great results for its 4-seater car. The acceleration is tremendous with 2.0 L VR6 and 118 HP. Fuel efficiency ranges from 18-25.

It has an installed air conditioner, 4-cylnders for engine-cooling effect, plush interiors and great entertainment value with MP3 players and radio. Stabilizers are in place as well as bumpers and grilles. 4-wheel drive makes it an all season car, enhanced by its great wheel base and curb weight. The car runs on 6-speed auto transmission that ensures its fast acceleration.

VW Golf VR6 also provides air bags, crumple zones, dams, side beams and GPs location for passenger safety. Fog lights and daytime running lights help it navigate dark corners with ease. It looks small from outside but has mystique space available in addition to good console storage.

Volkswagen Eos

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The Volkswagen Eos, introduced in the year 2006, is a rectangular hardtop, four-seat, adaptable car. It is actually a descendant of the Volkswagen Cabrio. After the Corrado launched in 1995, Volkswagen Eos has been the first production vehicle of Volkswagen. The name “Eos” comes from the Greek word “Eos” which means a goddess of wind and dawn.

Unlike Cabrio, which is an adapted version of Golf hatchback, the Volkswagen Eos is a complete new model with novel ideas for its body panels. However, it does share its components and platform with the Passat (PQ46 platform, mark 6). Its wheel base is similar to that of the Jetta and the Golf Mk5.

The coupe is manufactured in Volkswagen’s factory of Autoeuropa in Palmela, Portugal. It was released in the beginning of 2006 in Europe and in the end of 2006 in North America. In South Africa, it was launched in the mid of 2007. Sales in right-hand- markets such as Japan started in October, 2006 and in Australia and New Zealand, in January, 2007.

Volkswagen Beetle

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Auto, Car, Accessories, Volkswagen BeetleBeing created by the German auto-manufacturer Volkswagen (VW), the Volkswagen Beetle is actually an economy vehicle. The name “beetle” is derived from the German word “Käfer” which means ‘beetle’ and which was the car’s original name. It was in August, 1967 that the Volkswagen Company started addressing this model as “Beetle” in the advertising materials in America.

However, in Britain, the Volkswagen Corporation never officially mentioned the name “Beetle”. It was mostly known as the “Type I”. Moreover, in Europe, the car was marketed by numbers that signified its engine size in cu. cm, such as the 1600, the 1500, the 1300, the 1200, and the 1100.

The Volkswagen Type I eventually became the reference point of both American automobile generations – subcompact cars such as the Ford Pinto and the Chevrolet Vega, and compact cars like the Chevrolet Corvair. The car has secured a fourth position in the World’s Most Influential Car of the 20th Century awards that had an international polling system.

Volkswagen CC 2009 Luxury – Faring in the Coupe-Sedan Market

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Auto, Car, Bikes,Volkswagen CC 2009 Luxury The Volkswagen CC is all set to enter the New Year with upgraded rich features. The all new Volkswagen CC is the motor company’s entrance into the coupe-like mid sized sedan market. The Volkswagen CC exterior tries to imitate the sporty image of the coupe styled vehicles. It has been successful in achieving the look it wanted. The Volkswagen CC is now a four door sedan so that there is no problem in getting in or out.

The sedan features a lower, rear swept roofline. It also has a wide stance. The doors are frameless that adds to the beauty of the car from both inside and outside. The current Volkswagen CC is sporting a bold chrome grille design.

The Volkswagen CC can carry four passengers in the sport seats it has. The sports seats are lower and offer increased lateral support. The back seats split and fold as required. The seats are separated by a moveable roll top console. As of now, the VV has released the CC in Sport and Luxury 2.0T. It is said that the Volkswagen will soon be releasing the trims of VR6 and 4Motion in the near future.