The advantages of hybrid bucket trucks

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Hybrid bucket trucks, hybrid trucksHybrid bucket trucks are efficient aerial lift devices that are used by industries for transportation of heavy loads and machines. It is a unique item of efficient engineering and is cost saving to the owner because of many advantages.
• Hybrid bucket trucks usually have a diesel engine motor and an electric rechargeable battery for lifting the bucket.

• It is fuel efficient as the hybrid system shuttles between switching the engine off when the battery works.
• It provides high mileage with gasoline or diesel and emits fewer pollutants into the atmosphere.
• Hybrid bucket trucks are environment friendly because of their fuel efficiency and less carbon emitting capacity.
• Hydraulic system works to raise the lift which takes place with much less noise than other utility trucks produce.

More and more business owners are opting for hybrid bucket trucks as they play a great role against global warming by emitting harmful aerosols and pollutants into the air while working.

Various sorts of trucks available in the market

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Trucks, also known as Lorries in some countries are a cargo transporting vehicle. Definitely an eye sore but more importantly a must for our daily lives to function normally, the trucks vary a lot in terms of size, power, configuration etc. Specialized trucks like fire trucks, concrete mixers and excavators also exist. The trucks are mainly classified according to their sizes.

The lightest vehicles, also known as Light Rigid vehicles (LR), weigh more than 4,500 kg but not more than 8,000 kg (un-towed) and 9,000 kg (towed). Next comes, the Medium Rigid (MR) vehicles and Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicles, for both of which the Gross Vehicle mass exceeds 8,000 kg. HR and MR can be distinguished through the number of axles in them. While a HR vehicle has 3 axles, an MR vehicle has 2 axles. Following these come super heavy trucks – Heavy Combination trucks and Multi Combination trucks which usually have a combination of trailers.

Advantages of trucks over cars

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Trucks are available in various sizes and shapes. There are some with long beds, some trucks come with short beds and there are quite a few that include left kits as well. It is a clear states fact that no matter whichever type of truck you have it definitely has an edge over the traditional cars.

Trucks still remain to be the popular among the masses in spite of the gas prices increasing at such a speedy rate. According to a recent survey one of the key reasons why many people prefer trucks over cars is due to its towing ability. Trucks have the capability to pull a camper, trail a boat etc. in fact to make things easy during towing trailers and other vehicles there are many trucks which have a cooling device to keep the radiator from getting overworked.

The truck owners also have the advantage to enjoy the great outdoors unlike in the case of traditional car owners. Hauling capacity of the truck is another reason which makes trucks so popular. The trucks have extensive space that gives storage space for transporting cycles, furniture and other essential items.

The best truck accessories

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Trucks among all other heavy vehicles are the toughest one to drive. Also considering the amount of load it carries plus the security needed, one should have proper accessories to load it up. There are loads of accessories available in the market for heavy vehicles. The most important ones are the dimming mirrors which are connected to sensors at the back. One need not worry about reversing the vehicle as it gives an estimate of the distance to any nearby objects.

A rear ladder can always help the person who is loading and unloading the goods. To prevent the base of the truck bed from damage, one can use a mat, which is easy to clean up. One can also add on a 7th wheel tailgate in order to help during any puncture in the middle of the road. All these can be found at a one stop destination and availed easily through easy shipment.

Different Modifications On Trucks

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Trucks can be modified to improve its appearance and performance. The modifications on trucks depend on the type of truck you have since not all modifications can suit a particular truck. You can change the interior or add parts to the exterior of your truck. Some of these modifications are improvement of the sound system, color change, modify engines, break linings, and the tires.

The engine, tires and breaks helps improve the performance of your truck to withstand certain conditions such as increased speed and harsh conditions. The color change is mainly to make the truck look attractive especially if you use it for fun rides. The body of the truck can be modified by getting a covering for the open rear side to make it safe when transporting items under conditions such as rain or wind. Some trucks can be raised to avoid hitting the road surface improve the comfort and make it efficient for travel. The modification depends mostly on the use of the truck.

Ford F Series super duty

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Auto, Car, Ford F SeriesThe Ford F series Super Duty Truck is what every trucker dreams of!!! It has a massive payload of 6190 lbs which can tow virtually anything that have hauled and towed. It has a powerful 6.4L diesel engine with dual turbos. The vehicle is environmental friendly with Ford lean Turbo Technology. The latest features also include Advanced Fuel Injection and TorqShift transmission.

With a tight turning radius, it can be turned even at the curved bends. There are many innovations made to make the truck a comfort vehicle. It has storable bed extender, advance navigation system; integrated tailgate step and voice activated Ford SYNC. The longer rear leaf springs and the super-duty frame make it very durable and strong. Crossmembers are riveted and welded for strength. The front end assembly is hydro formed and completely spot welded.

The truck is one of the sturdiest vehicle on road and with Fords, innovative technology it is bound to become every trucker’s favorite. So whether it’s at Chapman Ford, or another of your nearby dealerships, you’ll be able to see for yourself how great this truck really is.

Ford F-150 Flareside: the ultimate pick-up truck

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Auto, Car, Car review, Ford F-150 FlaresideThe latest 2009 Ford F-150 Flareside is a sharp looking tough truck which can head on the road in full zoom. Unlike Styleside F-150, which has more cargo space this truck is for looks and toughness. It has a firm suspension system which can tow and haul more efficiently. A new standard feature of the truck is electronic trailer sway control for added safety. Soft touch steering gives a pleasant driving experience.

There are three models to choose from which include 4.2L V6,4.6L V8 and 5.4L V8. The 5.4 L V8 has 310hp and 365lb-ft of torque making it one of the heaviest vehicles in its class. The fuel economy has a lot to ask for as the MPG is merely 14-19. The price for the 4.2L starts from $22,768. The transmission is automatic 4-speed that makes the maneuvering easy. The green rating of the vehicle is 50 which the company must try to enhance. There are ten color options to satiate your color preference.