Suzuki Kizashi- the sports sedan with premium style & class performance

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Suzuki Kizashi, SuzukiKizashi is a mid-size sports sedan from the house of Suzuki motors. This car has a great amount of features available at a very affordable price. This car is known for its performance in its class. The car has all the security features added to it. It has got airbags, roadside assistance, backup cameras and other features which are missing in few others. The car also is known for its style and looks. The look of kizashi is sure to take your breath away and leads you in a trance. The leather seat covers and interiors give the car a premium look.

The powerful engine from Suzuki gives the car a great power on the drive. Kizashi is fully equipped with entertainment factors. The sound system performs the best in its class. It will give you a good musical experience on the drive. Car also has Bluetooth connectivity that is unavailable in many other sedans. So these features of Kizashi make it a car to be desired for.

Suzuki’s B-King – Massive Streetbike

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Suzuki B KingWhen William Blake wrote “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” he did not expect that someday a street bike will come over on the road of excess. Though a street bike, the Suzuki B King can handle most terrains. But there is no question of wisdom here. The Suzuki B King seduces you into breaking all the rules of the road with the extravagant features and looks it possesses.

The freakishly powerful street bike devolved from brain from human, offers base lust for full throttle with full control of the machine. Once you have a ride on the bike, you will wonder who gave you a valid driver’s license! Such is the seducing power of the B King. The B King commands around 400 horsepower in the 2008 model. The B King is unmatched and next only to the Star VMAX’s 2009 version. Though a street bike, it is built on the concept of the sport bike Hayabusa Inline-Four.