Top Most Expensive Mercedes In The World

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Top expensive Mercedes car

SLR Mclaren red gold dream

If you have ever thought of spending 1 million dollars on a car and then though it would be way too much to spend on a car then think twice before reading this article. This article contains top most expensive Mercedes in the world the price of whom can be literally insane because of its rich history or expensive accessories or powerful engines or incredible performance or many such other reasons. When you will hear the prices of these top most expensive Mercedes in the world, your heart will skip a heartbeat. The owners of majority of these cars are interested in collection of these cars instead of driving these. As a matter of fact, majority of the cars which are in this article are limited edition only. Mercedes are the benchmark cars and when you buy them you get nothing but the best. Here is a list of some of the most expensive Mercedes in the world.

  • 1954 Mercedes Formula 1 race car

This Mercedes makes the top of the list of most expensive Mercedes in the world. The cost of this car is $29.6 million. Yes you heard it right, it is that costly. Now you just be thinking it is insane to spend this much huge amount of money on a car and for what reason someone would buy a Mercedes worth 29.6 million dollars. This Mercedes has a priceless history which makes it this pricey. This is the same car which was once used by the popular formula 1 car race driver Juan Mauel Fangio who sat the new formula 1 world record. This is the reason of this car being this insanely costly. This Mercedes has an old school look which is proof of its alluring and rich history.

  • SLR Mclaren red Gold Dream

This is 2011 model of Mercedes and it also has a jaw dropping costing of 10 million US dollars. This model of Mercedes has everything that you can wish for in a car gold interior, 999hp and gold rims. The entire interior of SLR mclaren red gold dream is gold coated along with having gold coated rims. This Mercedes is also very much popular for having 5.4 liter V8 engine which produces 735 KW torque and 999hp. This makes this car the most powerful one in the entire list. This car can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds. Nothing can be better than red gold dream when you are looking for ultimate luxury along with power.

  • C112 Mercedes Benz concept

This model of Mercedes is of 1991 and it was considered as the most powerful concept car in the market on that time and till date. This car has passed the test of time and even after passage of such long time, C112 Mercedes Benz concept is astounding and most powerful cars in the market carrying a price of 4 million US dollars. This car has a 6 liter V12 engine which can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds which is quite impressive in past and in present. This car is old yet it is powerful and in demand.

Review of Mercedes GLS- Class 2017

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Review of Mercedes GLS- Class 2017Are you a fan of Mercedes series out there? If yes, than I am going to get you acknowledged with one of the most awaited model of Mercedes which can be considered to be your dream which you want to go for achieving. One of the most featured and attracted car series of Mercedes is the upcoming Mercedes GLS- class 2017. It is going to make its debut officially in 2017 which is going to be considered to be something different than the regular 4matic which you are driving for. The upcoming Mercedes GLS- class 2017 provides with many of the specification which are considered to be making it outrageous than the actual ones. The further information will help you in providing with all sorts of information of the reviews, specifications, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be having its pace in the all new Mercedes GLS- class 2017.

Review of Mercedes GLS- class 2017 will help you in getting all the accurate information and details which can be considered to be beneficial for the users who being awaited for getting to know about Mercedes GLS- class 2017. Well, there are many specifications which you must go for knowing while taking in to account the all upcoming Mercedes GLS- class 2017 like its new features which are being added to it, its interiors and exteriors, pricing ratio, featuring ratio, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in knowing more about Mercedes GLS- class 2017.

Let’s start by talking of its styling and the body of Mercedes GLS- class 2017. Let me tell you that it is a 7 passenger SUV car which comprises of the structure being larger than the original one. It is also available in four different models which you can go for. It comprises of having V6 engines, automated headlights, having the specification of sunroof, self-leveling of air suspension in the car, etc. and many more of the specification which are enough fir getting your eyes opened right? Not only that, you can also go for connecting your smart phone from the car which is considered to be something different which Mercedes GLS- class 2017 provides with.

The interiors of it includes with heating up of the front seat, provides with 10 way power drives seat, climate control with dual automatic technology, etc. and many more of the specification which can help you in going for waiting for it totally. Not only that, you can also comply with the electronic technology which are being specified like, command interface infotainment, Bluetooth system, 110 horsepower engine which can help you in getting one of the top most speed. You can definitely go for experiencing your best experiment of your life.

Not only that it also comprise of providing you with facility of all wheel drive which can help you in off road and on road way. It also accompanies with nine speed automated transmission which is considered to be having certainly one of the best feature which you can get.


The 2011 hybrid Mercedes Benz M class

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This latest model released by Mercedes Benz is a four-door luxury, 5 passenger capacity convertible, and it is equipped with five trims. This automobile has seven gear patterns and it gives a good fuel utilization ranging from 16 mpg inside the cities to about 20 mpg on the highways. This car offers a capacity of the fuel tank at 25 gallons and special features include power door locks as well as child safety locks on the doors.

The special features about this M class vehicle are the addition of six-seated airbags, along with 4-wheel abs, auto-on headlights and traction control. Alarm for anti-theft and rear and front disc brakes and color bumpers, accompanied by intercooler, Turbocharger, DVD player, automatic climate controller and a tachometer is what makes it so special and eye-catching. New cool features include heated passenger and driver seats, keyless entry, mirrors with memory, etc. The ML63 is priced at $92,500 whilst the less advanced model comes at a price of $52,000.

Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series: A Review

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If you are fascinated by cars then the SL65 AMG Black Series, launched in 2009 would surely make it to the top of your list. A fine tuned car with updated technology and elegant lines, it ensures a top of the world driving experience.

It assures incredible performance along with an extra 57 horsepower, giving a total output of 670 hp @5400 rpm. With a fixed roof that has curbed its weight by 570 pounds, it has an adjustable suspension, lower hood and a much wider track than the other Mercedes models. The Active Body Control can accommodate the load distribution of a wheel within milliseconds.

With a front engine RWD layout, the brakes are adaptive and provide an optimum grip over acceleration and sensitivity thereby making cornering of the car smooth and safe. It is out in the market in 4 colours – black, white, red and silver with a classy interior.

Mercedes Benz E 320, the dream car

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The Mercedes Benz E-class is a series of luxury cars manufactured by the auto company Mercedes. The specialty of this series is powerful engines and world class designs.
The E 320 is one of the newest cars made by the Mercedes and is fitted with a V6 engine that gives a horse power of as high as three hundred and eighty two.
In this car and in its close relative, the E550, you get the option of both sedan and wagon models. In fact, on the sedan option for these, you get to avail an option of a four wheel drive.
The aesthetics of the E320 will blow you away – power front seats, a very potent music system, a sunroof and a kind of dual weather system. The kind of air suspension and a 4 zone climate control system will also impress you.
The aesthetics of this car includes stylish and exclusive exterior as well as interior. Within as less as seven seconds, this amazing car can achieve a velocity of sixty miles per minute. In all respects, this is one dream car worth having.

Mercedes R350 4MATIC

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Mercedes R350 4MATICThis Mercedes eschews the traditional stations wagons whole, at the same time retaining the reputation that the Mercedes brand has always maintained of being an extremely efficient and comfortable people hauler.

This model belongs to Mercedes-Benz R-Class, which has aroused great curiosity since its introduction in 2006. It was considered a station wagon by many. A few others considered it a pioneer minivan variant.

The interior of this vehicle is arranged well. The seats are in a 2+2+2 design. They are full-size and attractive seats that offer the comfort they promise from a distance. The rear doors are huge and very simple to operate. Their huge size makes it difficult to open them when the parking lot is crowded. Second row seats are made in such a way that it is easy to access third-row seats.

The roofline is extremely practical but not very beautiful. The aerodynamic nose is without grace and the trademark grille of this Mercedes-Benz brand finds itself sandwiched between large headlights.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarenThis Mercedes model comes with hill start control as well as break assist system which is electronically controlled. There are also 4-wheel anti-lock brakes as well as a Brake Drying feature.

In terms of communication, the model has Tele Aid Vehicle Location System, a radio antenna as well as wireless communication access making Bluetooth-enabled devices operate efficiently. A six-disk CD changer, a stereo and a surround-sound system with 7 speakers also constitute part of the communication system in this car.

Security is enhanced since this model comes with remote door unlocking as well as an automatic car security system with ability to maintain constant communication with the owner of the car. A telephone antenna is also in-built into the SLZ Mclaren model. You can access real-time traffic information when driving this model.

To ensure safety, there are safety roll bars, a crash sensor that will automatically send a GPS signal as well as a rollover sensor. Knee airbags are also part of the model.

Saving Money by Buying By Utilizing an Online Parts Catalog

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With our current economic climate, Americans are looking for new ways to save money every day. From budget shopping to clipping coupons, our consumerist culture is being forced to learn new methods of stretching a buck. Even owners of luxury items who wish to hold onto their assets must find new ways to manage maintenance and repair of homes, cars, and even boats. Getting creative with the care of an auto can be as simple as learning to change the oil of your car, keeping track of the pressure in your tires, or changing windshield wipers on your own instead of paying an auto service shop to do it. These self-repairs can also be as complicated as handling body damage and other necessary auto repair following a minor auto mishap. Creative people who enjoy fiddling with cars can even buy Mercedes parts online.

After an auto accident, victims of a collision often incur costly expenses. These expenses may include hospital bills, wages lost due to time taken off work for healing injuries, lawyers’ fees if litigation is needed, and pricey repairs to the car itself. Health insurance can mitigate the costs of bill sand lost wages. Unfortunately, little can be done to reduce the cost of litigation and related court fees. While these expenses are fixed costs that cannot be reduced very much, purchasing the auto parts necessary for repair can allow for some savings.

In order to save time and money, it may be beneficial to repair a car by using an online parts catalog. Employing a service such as this can reduce the search time spent on locating parts. At one time, people seeking auto parts had only a few choices: they could go to dealers for new parts, which will often be very pricey; they could go to a junkyard for a less expensive second-hand part; or they could go to a retail auto parts store, which acts as an intermediary, charging marked-up prices for goods. However, new options on the web now offer another alternative.

New stores are appearing online which allow you to search for the needed components using an Internet database. For instance, this catalog or database permits the seeker to find parts for Mercedes Benz vehicles. The speed and ease with which these systems are used saves the seeker time that would formerly have been spent calling auto shops to check prices and availability. These online systems allow you to receive your auto parts more swiftly, thus bringing about completion of repairs in a timely manner.

Mercedes Benz C300 2008 Luxury RWD – Extra Horsepower, Extra Torque

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Mercedes Benz C300 2008 Luxury RWDThe Mercedes Benz C Class is back with several revisions on most of its models. It is now available in several upgrades including C300 Sports and C300 Luxury. Other than these, the Mercedes Benz C class has two more upgrades for the year, namely C350 and C63AMG.

The Mercedes Benz is not fully luxury car. However, the C Class still offers it the privilege of being a near luxury car. The C300 is now slightly larger in the dimensions. The dimensions include the width, length as well as the wheelbase! Some other adjustments and upgrades in terms of interior also appear.

The C300 model is powered by the new generation 228HP, 3.0L, V6 engine. This can be coupled to six to seven automatic transmission depending upon the upgrade you choose. The C300 has a 3.5 L V6 engine that produces around 268 horsepower while simultaneously offering 258 lb-ft of the torque.

Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4Matic – Disappointing Features

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4MaticThe external style of the Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4Matic is worth a look. Being a C class vehicle, the Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4Matic may not offer you all the fun you want but has more functions than the previous ones in the category of the C300 series.

There are some negative reviews that say that the sedan is just a namesake. It carries the name of the famous brand but lacks the features of a good sedan. The reviews say that the Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4Matic is more of a box than a vehicle.

The interior has been widened to counter the negative reviews in the 2009 version of the sedan. The ergonomics play a good role in making the interior more comfortable, especially the adjustable steering. The sedan, Mercedes Benz C300 2009 Luxury 4Matic is offering 228 horsepower that is the most exciting feature.

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