Care for your Cadillac during the winters

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Cadillac during the wintersYour Cadillac is undoubtedly one of your most vital assets and hence make sure to look after its proper maintenance, especially during the winter season.

Always remember to store the Cadillac inside a safe garage so that it can stay protected from the frequent snowfalls and storms. In case your engine is not working well, don’t delay to repair for it because the engine related issues tend to worsen with approaching winter. Besides, you have to warm up your engine every time in the winter months so that its lubricated sufficiently before driving.

Don’t forget to check your heater/defroster. You have to confirm that your gas tank is full which in turn helps to eliminate any moisture formation in the fuel tank that if freezed up could lead to problems. Then, you have to maintain right degree of inflation in the tires as too much of inflation can increase wear & tear. Lastly, make sure that all your lights and headlights are working well, and get snow blades on them if the weather is too severe.

Car Maintenance Costs – Sustaining in Economic Recession

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Repair, Maintenance, FuelDrive slowly and under 40 the specified speed limit. Driving slowly helps you avoid any kind of breakdowns. It also saves you the high priced fuel.

Go for Routine maintenance. This helps in identification of any wear and tear that may create a major breakdown. Regular checkup of the car prevents such disasters where you need to spend a hefty amount to get the car up and running again.

Keep the brakes functional. Handle the entire braking system gently. Do not use sudden breaks. This comes back to proper driving. If you are driving properly, your entire accelerator, clutch, and break system, stay healthy as you will not be dancing on them.

Another most important aspect is to get the fluids changed on time. The regular ones are the engine oil and brake oil. Make sure you are changing them at regular intervals with best quality oil. Compromising on the oil quality can again lead to major problems that can cost you more than what you can afford in times of economic recession.