Defender DC100 from Land Rover

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Defender DC100, Land RoverIn the year 2011,Germany celebrated the Frankfurt motor show which was in its 64th year.In that celebration the world famous Land Rover showcased its latest model Defender DC100. We all know that the manufacturer has always come up with innovative models and Defender DC100 is no less. It is known that the mechanisms are kept simple but the facilities and the style is completely unique.

The entire vehicle is given a very contemporary and up to date look which will appeal the masses a lot mainly the youth. The vehicle is kept very aesthetic with the edges perfectly rounded and the body having smooth, fine lines. The inside of the vehicle is kept very simple which will enable any ordinary person also to drive the car. The vehicle will also have the facility of a petrol engine of Hybrid V6 which is very eco friendly apart from having the options of petrol and diesel like other cars. It has the system of double solenoid starter along with a automatic gearbox of ZF 8 speed and a motor of 95bhp which runs on electricity. The battery can be recharged with the Recovery System which utilizes the Kinetic energy. Thus the vehicle is indeed very advanced.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

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Land Rover Range Rover SportThis vehicle comes with two different versions in terms of engine power. It has the supercharged V8 and 400-hp 4.2L supercharged V8. The car also comes with an on-board rearview camera as well as an automatic transmission with a 6-speed capability. It also has an entertainment system for rear seat passengers. In addition to this DVD player-enabled entertainment, there is a navigation system complete with a touch screen.

Range Rover Sport comes with additional capabilities such as Electronic Traction Control on top of the four-wheel abilities. It also has a dynamic response system as well as a four-piston Brembo. The logic 7 surround sound system is the most famous feature in the Range Rover Sport model. Electronic air suspension is another feature that adds to the ultimate cost of owning this car. The car also has fog lamps and power vents. The 20-inch alloy rims make it the type of car anybody would love to own.