Reviewing the Honda Pilot

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Honda Pilot, Honda Honda has already launched to you the superfast SUV model Honda Pilot. It provides list of standard features. It has a highly efficient V6 engine, flexible suspension and has automatic transmission system. If you are both speed lover as well as you are great cautious about the car design then Honda Pilot is the best option for you. It has got best ratings for performance, interior design, exterior design, and safety and also for the reliability.

After reviewing it has maintained to get a rank 19 as affordable midsize SUV and 30th in the group of affordable crossover SUV. It has also maintained its position in the economical standards. The internal part of the engine is polished of a certain chemical which optimizes the use of the fuel. The critics have reviewed the parts and have a great faith on the safety measures of this SUV. If you have any kind of fear regarding the driving and accommodation safety then according to the critics Honda Pilot is the best option.

Honda prelude, the car with the sporty look

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When you were watching the Fast & Furious series you must have fallen in love with the Honda prelude, considered to be among the greatest of all the sports car to be ever manufactured by Honda. Honda prelude was built by Honda as Japan’s reply to American muscle car. There are five generations of Honda prelude with technological enhancements improving the successive generations than their predecessors. Powerful engines were added to the later generations of Honda prelude.

Honda prelude became the first car in Japan that featured technical modifications like a four wheel steering, Active Torque Transfer System, fuel injection and valve timing engine technology. Of all the five generations, the fifth generation Honda prelude had the most distinctive features that can distinguish it apart as a sports car. There was a marked improvement in the design of the body of the Honda prelude. The new generation Honda Prelude showed more features of a sports car than its predecessors but its manufacturing stopped in 2001.


A preview of the brand new 2012 Honda Civic hybrid

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Planning to buy a car? Then the new Honda Civic Hybrid would be an excellent choice. The car carries the brand name of Honda so you can rest assured that you will get the best services and a fuel efficient technology. The other features of the car are as follows-

1) The brand new Honda Civic has a personalized multi-information display. This means now you can personalize your driving experiences.

2) The safety measures are an all time high. You are safe when you are driving this car!

3) You can download the preview of your Honda Civic in your phone and view it whenever you want to.

4) Along with a smooth driving experience, the Honda Civic is an extremely attractive and stylish car.

As you see if you have decided to buy this car then this is a good choice. Plus the good will of Honda is always there with you.

SUV: 2011 Acura MDX

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The Acura MDX happens to be a Japanese car and it is also popular known as the Honda MDX as it belongs to the parental company of Honda. Since 2001 Acura model came into production and designing. The car has many modern and contemporary features and also comes with five speed automatic engine which has a 4 wheel drive. It is mid-sized and was manufactured in Canada.

Before the Acura MDX there was the Acura SLX. In both Japan and Australia the Acura MDX is manufactured and it was released in the market for sale in 2003. The key features that set the car apart from the others is the DVD set in the front seat which gives the ultimate entertainment to the passengers, the unique navigation system, the arrangement of the wheels in the kiwi style and the 5 door SUV.

The car has amazing rotating capacity and comes with a splendid torque which rotates around 4000 to 5000 times every minute.

Overview of the Honda Accord Tourer

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Honda Accord Tourer is one car that has created a lot of buzz around. It has its certain advantages and disadvantages. It was first manufactured in 1976 and is being manufactured ever since. This shows that it surely has some demand by the customers. It is like a premium sedan and is although not exactly luxurious but nevertheless provides good functionality to its users.

The company has tried to give it a classy look and has surely not failed in its attempts. The car has good brake facilities and keeps you seated strong even while your car is going through a bumper. Thus the car has good capacity to deal with bumpers unlike any other car. The car is as reliable as its brands name and so are its tyres. The long length and wheel space makes the car very spacious for you and the rear end of the car is really sporty in its look. Get one if you like it.

Honda CR-Z

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The Honda CR-Z, also known as Honda Compact Renaissance Zero, is a highly improvised hybrid electric vehicle. It is manufactured by the well known car company Honda and is famous for its speed, low fuel efficiency and high pick up. The CR-Z is usually the upgraded successor of the Honda CR-X model.

The Honda CR-Z is operated by a gasoline and electric power engine. Apart from this the engine also has other features of a sports car engine. Its production started in the month of February in 2010 and the market is steadily increasing all across the world.

The Honda CR-Z has a 3 door hatch back body style with a FF layout. The curb weight is around 1,236 kg while the length of the wheelbase is around 2,435 mm. The car has a height of around 1,395 mm and a length of 4,080 mm. All these features make it very comfortable.

2010 Honda Fury – All set to Capture Custom Chopper Bikes’ Market

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Auto, Car, Bikes, 2010 Honda FuryThe bike is the first attempt of Honda to capture the custom chopper bike’s market. As it is still the beginning, the company is facing a tough competition. Looking at its history, chances are that Honda will be able to capture the custom chopper bikes’ market too. It seems that Honda never rests till it achieves what it wants. Their marketing strategy is not disclosed until the last moment and often is the best and compulsive.

The Honda fury is a single seat bike with a longer handle that is adjustable. The main aim behind the inception of the model is to offer affordable Hondas in the customizable market too. You can get the bare Fury as much customized as you want. It is too soon to dismiss the Fury as a way to capture the market of chopper bikes. Maybe not good for racing, but the Fury is the best for long distance cruising. You will never feel the tiredness.

2008 Honda CB1000R Street Bike– Can it match the best Super Nakeds?

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Auto, Car, Bike, Honda CB1000R Street Bike,It has been forty years since the Japanese invaded the market, Honda comes up with the CB 1000R to counter some of the best sportsbikes from all over the world. It is still to be seen if the Honda CB1000R can really beat the best super nakeds from Britain and Italy. The surprising factor is that though the bike challenges the best bikes around the world, it is keeping the sales limited to the European continent only!

The attitude at Honda has always been to offer the riders with all the glamour they need. The 2008 Honda CB1000R is not back in the endeavor. The machine weighs only 478 lbs, just 40 lbs more than the favorite Blade 2008. The extra weight is due to the heavily braced single sided swingarm.

The bikes swoopy four-spoke rear wheel offers an aura that is hard to resist. The LCD clocks on the front are said to be the most expensive in the bikers; world. The bodywork and the aggressive ‘ready-to-attack’ stance inform you at the very first look that this is not a normal Honda naked bike. It has been designed to offer a sporty ride combined with the looks better than of the most nakeds. To sum up, the 2008 Honda CB1000R is not a match for the best super nakeds. It is much more than that.