Top 3 Ducati Models Of 2014

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Ducati modelsDucati is renowned for its performance. It is just not about superbikes rather the range is wide. Today you can have all new dimensions while you zoom your way through the Ducati’s line up of the model. With commuter, cruiser of the boulevard, fun rider of the backroad and racer of the track day you can curve your way out into the streets. Ducati is special because of the obvious reasons that it offers a complete package in terms of its style, feel of the handle, technology and almost no comparison with the other super bikes.

The top 3 Ducati models of 2014 are- Monster 1200 and 1200S, Diavel Strada and Multistrada 1200 S.

Monster 1200 and 1200S – the Monster range is not just a bike but a different lifestyle altogether. It is an iconic motorcycle from Ducati. The philosophy behind all the models of Monster is ‘less is more’. The motorcycles are compact. But the new versions of the Monster have been able to create a pared down effect than the earlier models. The motorcycles have been redesigned in its function and form. The components are all new. The weight is less but the torque is more. The history of Monster is an inspirational as well as successful. The last version from Monster is hailed as the Ultimate Monster. The engine and the chassis are all brand new. The new added features are the riding mode which is electronic, control of the traction by Ducati and ABS which is programmable. The design is aesthetic. In the 1200 S version there is the function of shock absorber. The MSRP of the both 1200 and 1200 S are 13,495 $ and 15,995 $ respectively plus freight.

Diavel Strada – the design of the new Diavel is intoxicating. It is not just a cruiser but improved LED headlight, comfort of the ride, powerful engine and handling by its razor sharp version. Diavel has been a new concept since its inception. The seat height of the Diavel is also low making it ultra comfortable. With Teestastretta of the degree of 11 it is a power cruiser though its glistening armour is the handles. Despite being a boulevard bike it has tremendous control with its handling. It is a gem of a bike as far as the technology is concerned. The latest edition to the already existing variant of a huge rear tire, taillights, and swing arm is the accessories of the touring which comes in installed. It gives an easy ride performance with windscreen, saddle, handlebars and saddlebags of the touring variant which has a price tag of 19,495 $ and additional freight.

Multistrada 1200 S – A sporty bike range from Ducati is equipped with both capabilities of the multi-service and long distance. The latest technologies that have been added to the Multistrada are revised Testastretta, suspension system of the skyhook, handlebars, revised seat, saddlebags, crash guards of the engine, race wheels and red stitch on the red seats. It comes at a price tag of 22,495 $. When it comes to sporting motorcycle it is Multistrada! It gives a blend of all the combinations.

Ducati Diavel accessories for you

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Ducati Diavel accessories, DucatiThe Ducati Diavel was the second cruiser bike after Indiana from Ducati. This model of Ducati was first launched in November, 2010 in a motorcycle show called EICMA in Milan. Later the Diavel was remodelled and launched in the year 2011.

The cruiser has the engine Testastretta 11 degrees, taken from the superbike 1198, because of the valve used in it.
You can choose a wide range of accessories offered for this cruiser Diavel.

The Carbon Tank Bottom cover is the thing you can purchase for Ducati Diavel to protect your oil tank.
Next you can go for the Carbon front air inlets kit to boost up your beast!

The carbon fairing gives you a better vision of the road.
Forged magnesium rims add looks to the tyres of your cruiser and make the grip of the tyres strong. Another excellent goodie for the Ducati Diavel is the Anodized billet aluminium fork adjusters. And not to forget, the complete exhaust system for the cruiser.

Ducati Diavel accessories for you

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To make your bike a super bike, you need to properly accessorize it but you must also keep in mind whether it goes with the looks of the bike and does not make it look too rowdy. Ducati has always emphasized on making their bikes look stunning along with power packed performance but there are still some accessories which if one uses can make your Ducati Diavel look like a stunning piece of work.

The design of the new Ducati Diavel is innovative but Ducati has left enough space for improvisation if you are the type of person who prefers to ride his own handiwork. Along with the common accessories that are equipped with the bike, one can add stylish silencers, a carbon fiber made rear mud flap, special leather seats and a specially designed license plate kit along with many other stunning accessories which can make your Ducati Diavel look like a charging bull on the streets.

Review of the Ducati 750SS

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The Ducati 730SS is definitely one of the best looking bikes ever launched. Apart from its irresistibly sexy looks, it also delivers high performance. It has a four stroke engine which is air cooled with SOHC desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder of its 90°“L” twin cylinder.

It has a capacity of 748 and has the compression ratio of 9:5:1. Adorned with electric ignition, this mean machine has the torque of 72 Nm, 6500 rpm and the massive power of 66 hp 48.5 KW at 8500 rpm! The rear suspension is multi-adjustable. The speed with which I fires along the road is unbelievable. If you blink, you might miss it.!

The suspension works fine on both the ends. The steering effect has improved since 1992 and now it’s almost negligible. This super bike is available in 7 splashing bright colours- black, red, yellow, etc. So the Ducati 750SS is surely the king of the roads when it comes to fast bikes.

2010 Ducati Streetfighter – The First Ride on the Street Bike

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Auto, Car, Bikes, 2010 Ducati Streetfighter

First impression counts and if you get to ride on the 2010 Ducati Streetfighter, do not miss the opportunity to try it out. If you think it is just another street bike, you are wrong as you will realize when you try it out. Try it out on the race tracks, on the busy roads, on all kind of terrains. You will get to know that the bike suits most of the conditions. The only limiting factor is the base height, else it would have been an all terrain bike.

At the heart of the Streetfighter is Ducati’s 1099cc L-Twin engine that is liquid-cooled. This is the same that was used in the 2008 Ducati 1098 Superbike. The Streetfighter has a new vacuum die-cast that was first introduced on the 2008 Ducati 848. The die cast allows for a lighter crankcase without compensating on its strength.

The cylinders are the same as the ones in the 1098: 104 x 64.7mm bore/stroke. The 2010 Ducati street fighter cylinder head employs four 42mm intake valves. It also includes four 34mm exhaust valves controlled by Ducati’s patented Desmodromic valve actuation system.