Things To Consider While Buying A Used Car

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ways of Buying used cars

Tips for Buying used cars

Buying a used car is always an affordable and more convenient option if you have just leaned driving and not confident on your driving abilities. Buying a used car is also great choice if you are short on budget and want to upgrade from your current vehicle which is bike. If you are a leaner, you can try your hand and gain some amount of confidence by buying a used car. You can get a good and luxury model that too in low price if you go for buying a used car. However these were some attractive points of buying a used car but it also have some drawbacks which should be checked before making the final decision.  There will be replacement of batteries or tires or there will be some of the worn out parts if you are buying a used car. These are not much reliable but have more breakdowns. Hence you must be very careful before buying a used car. Here are some of the essential things to consider buying a used car to avoid mistakes and get good outcome of your purchase.

  • Budget

It’s always advisable to have a rough idea as to how much amount you can afford in buying a used car. By doing so, you can avoid overlapping your financial criteria. While you are deciding your budgetary criteria, you must consider the insurance and such other cost along with.

  • Test drive

Before buying a used car, you must always have a test drive on the local road as well as highways. By driving in different environment, you can have a better feel on the performance of the car and how the car responds in different environment. While driving on local roads, you can get a feel on how the car is shifting and responding while taking sharp turns. You will also get a fair idea on the brakes and stops and go’s of the car. By taking a test drive on the highway, you can get a fair idea as to whether the engine is running smoothly or not. Ensure to keep your eyes and ears open while taking a test drive before buying a used car. This will give you idea if there is issue which can be turned into big repair or replacement on a later stage.

  • Take a leak test

Now this is one of the most important things to consider while buying a used car. Any car which has a leaking fluid is a sign that it needs to be repaired. When you are taking test drive of the car, take a moment and park your car in a clean and clear area on a road and run the car for minimum period of 30 seconds. After that move your car away and then make a visible inspection for any leaking substances. If you see a black fluid then it might be an indication of leaking oil which is not a good sign.

2014 Alfa Romeo C

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2014 Alfa Romeo CThe 2014 Alfa Romeo C has been made to look like an exotic Ferrari. The height, width and other proportions have improved as compared to the previous models. To begin with the features this model has a catalytic converter, a turbo and a whopping 130 millisecond of gear change. The Alfa Romeo C also has a four cylinder that runs 1742 cc and it is all aluminum with turbocharged and direct injection facility. The V12 engine roars up every time the car starts. For a short brake it trades a power snapping balance in the shafts which leads to an eight crankshaft counterweight. With this it is able to produce 237 HP and 258 lb ft of torque. Although it has some drawbacks such as it does not have knee airbags nor does it have side airbags and there is no satellite radio or carpeting yet this car is acceptable to the car enthusiasts because of the wide range of features it comes with.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo C has the ability to pick up 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and the automatic dual clutch makes it easier for the driver to maintain the stability and balance of the car. The gear box has not been changed in this model and as it turned out there is also a Dodge Dart option with final drive ratios to compliment the gear box. This is absolutely new and has never been seen in the cars of this brand. One good thing about this car is it has no wheel spin thus allowing the driver to have full control over the car in all conditions. In the first gear the digital speedometer climbs up to 24 mph and the dual barrel shotgun blasts out when it is in the second gear.

Eco-Friendly Car

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Eco-Friendly CarWith the fast degrading environment, awareness is fast spreading and thus environment friendly things are becoming more and more adequate and their sales too is going up. However is best you know about eco friendly cars as much as you can. It is very common fast indeed that eco friendly cars are called so because they are way less harsh on the environment than the regular vehicles. The emissions are lower thus causing a lesser impact on the environment. Another thing about these cars is that if you get stopped at regular intervals due to red lights and traffic jams the gas engine turns off on its own kicking in the electric motor. However there is another advantage of parking as far as these vehicles are concerned. Parking is free for green vehicles by the government law. Bio ethanol vehicles are also available as green vehicles not only the electric engine ones.

However inspite of the various advantages the major con is the price. These vehicles are super expensive and might not be affordable by everybody. Since the technology used is very high standard not every garage may be able to repair your vehicle and the ones which are able to will charge a very expensive rate. The parts of this car are expensive to obviously the repair or replacement will be quite a pinch on your pockets. Insurance might be on the expensive side too for eco friendly vehicles. Fuel availability for these green cars can be tiring and not there in most places (bio ethanol).There are a few safety issues too, In case of an accident the electric engine tends to shut off.

If you do have an eco friendly car, maintenance is something which is of great importance. Washing the car weekly with minimum amount of chemicals and taking the least possible time helps a lot.

Tips to take a good care for your car

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Car care, car maintenanceIf you are a passionate about cars then you must want to take a good care of your car, but keeping the car in a good shape means contacting a mechanic if you have no idea about mechanics of the car. This regular visit to the mechanic may have stopped you from taking a good care of your car. Here are some tips that would help you in maintaining your car without even visiting the mechanic on a regular basis.

• You should clean your car on a regular basis. This cleaning will keep the paint of a car in a good condition. This will save you repaint cost and thus you can keep your car in a good shiny look without even spending much.
• Scratches are the reason why you need to visit the mechanic more often. These scratches make your car look bad and removing it is costly. But there are tool kits available in the market which helps you to remove the scratch by yourself.

• Doing some of the car repairs by yourself will help you in maintain the cars performance. You can find many tips over the internet to maintain the car by yourself.
By following these tips you can easily maintain the performance of your car easily.

A few words about the powerful Chevrolet Sail

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Chevrolet SailIf you are considering buying a car, then the Chevrolet Sail is the best option for you in that budget and in that segment. The car has got some of the best and awesome features among the cars of that segment. Along with that you get the promise of excellent service and maintenance by Chevrolet. Now let us go through some of the exciting features of the Chevrolet Sail.

The exterior of the car is awesome and attractive. Though some people think that the rear look of the car is not so trendy, but still the overall look of the car is great.

The engine performance of the car is way ahead that any other cars of the same segment. Some criticizers even compare the engine performance and the transmission of the car to the Honda City. Then when it comes to the mileage it leaves behind the City way behind it. The car has got comfortable seating arrangement. The leg space is enough and the dual cockpit design of the car makes the riding experience a perfect one.

Learn how to sell a car profitable fast

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When you want to buy a car, be it new or second hand, why do you always have a hundreds of options, how do they do it? Oh, so you want to sell, perhaps your own car too. What can you do, let’s have a look:

• Choose the best time of the year to sell it, avoid holidays.
• Sell on weekdays so that you have less competition around.
• You always want shiny fast cars, remember others do too. Keeping that in mind don’t forget to wash it and clearing out everything from inside.
• Coming to the technical part, make a note of every servicing done and the capacity of the car every time, and mention if any part of the car yet holds warranty.
• Have all the paper work and keys and spare keys of the car ready. You don’t want to show any kind of unpreparedness from your side.

Ferrari 599 GTO: A Review

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The Ferrari 599 GTO comes with a highly elegant technological build which presents an unprecedented performance that overtakes even the Ferrari Enzo. The model comes with a V12 engine (6.0 l) that produces around 670hp at about 8500 rpm. Then, there is carbon fiber throughout including the cockpit.

The engineers here have used the SCM2, ESP and the F1-Trac systems. The ESP system works independently on every four breaks of the vehicle. The SCM2 regulates the vehicle’s balance and also operates with F-1-Trac maximizing lateral and longitudinal acceleration permitting you to accelerate earlier and harder.

The model is designed by Pininfarina and comes with a very stylish look. The rear, side and front are more aggressive and bolder. Its color and paint treatment reminds you of the Ferrari’s victorious racing cars with its 2 tone treatment, a signature black and red eye catching design. The weight depletion efforts in the car play an essential role in delivering a superlative performance.

A review on Honda S2000

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The new Honda S2000 surely has surprising things to offer you and it would be best to try them once and you would love to embrace it as your car forever. This car is so light that it weighs nine hundred pounds less compared to the sprint racer. The car has superb speed and the light weight makes accompanied with it makes the driver feel that he is flying. The car has a convertible top that makes it attractive to the non- owners.

 The car has an engine of capacity 2.2 liter engine, it is nice and rough. Although the car has difficulty in going uphill, although it is a sport car and is just average in poor weather conditions like rain. There are tendencies o9f skidding then. The car is stylish, classy and racy and is cheaper compared to other sport cars. All in the entire car is a good sports car with above average rating.

How to get a short term car lease

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If you are saving money, you can’t afford a large first hand card. So, leasing a car might be the option for you. Under this option, you will definitely find the cheapest car because only people who are in desperate need of money will lease their car. There are two kinds of car leasing – short term and long term.

Going for a long term lease might not be optional as you might get stuck with a car you don’t like for a long period of time. Moreover, you would have to pay lease rent for it even though you don’t need it. Short term leases are quite hard to find and it does not benefit the person who is leasing.

So, you can contact your long term leasers and ask if they can reduce the time period of leasing. After much convincing, they might agree to your deal.

Advantage hybrid cars have over the normal ones

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With the undesirable outcomes of global warming threatening the very entity of the planet, most people are getting more and more conscious about their fuel consumption. Thus if you are still facing the dilemma regarding the choice between a regular car and a hybrid one, think no further. Besides being very much affordable hybrid cars are much more fuel efficient and hence a lot more environment friendly too.

Hybrid cars use technology which can save as much as thirty miles a gallon. Another fantastic feature is that the gas engine stops at once automatically as soon as you stop the car. This way you end up saving a lot of fuel. Besides this, the amount of toxic emissions is also much less than any other regular vehicles.

This way, hybrid cars help the planet to stay greener by emitting lesser amount of carbon dioxide which is one of the major causes of the rising temperature. So go ahead and take a step towards a much greener planet with hybrid cars.

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