Avoid costly repairs : Cost effective BMW parts

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Cost effective BMW parts, BMWBMW being one of the most expensive cars can make your wallet empty if you go to repair it. But do not worry. There are ways which will ensure your purchase of BMW spare parts to be wallet friendly. You may find the entire process to be challenging but it will bear fruit for you in the end. The first and foremost requirement is that you must have Ratchet and Socket set and any other related tools of automobile. You must venture a trip to the salvage yards. Almost all cities have salvage yards.

You can buy second hand spare parts which will be cost effective for you. If you go to buy the original parts directly from the dealer then you may find it really expensive. There are many BMW magazines and websites which will help you to know the various offers and sales. You must visit the online sites like eBay.com is the greatest online auction site. There are also many online forums and you can get detailed account of the specific BMW models. Last but not the least you must check thoroughly whether the spare parts fit well in your BMW car before you finalize any deal.

2010 BMW X1

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The new BMW X1 of 2010 is a beautifully designed SUV particularly meant for the European market is just a smasher! It is smaller than the BMW X3 and weighs 440 lbs less, yet it is more aggressive targeting the younger blood! It includes great features like Semi command sitting position, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear view camera etc. The electronics and under body has been inspired by the 1-Series,While the large wheels and suspension have been inspired from the X-3 .It has been powered by 2.0 liter four cylinder diesel engine that allows it a pick up from 0 to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds!!! It will be offered with a choice of four engines which would include three diesels and one gasoline.

Interior includes spacious compartment complete with three full sized seats! The body contour is very elegant and sophisticated. It is expected to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and hit the European market by the end of 2010 and the US markets by 2011!

Mini Cooper Countryman

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Ranking among the well known cars that are available in the luxury segment, the Mini Cooper Countryman is slowly becoming popular for its high performance, sleek and stylish design, fuel efficiency and so on. Manufactured and marketed by the renowned company BMW, it will be launched for sale in the early next year in the US market.

The Mini Cooper Countryman falls under the small SUV brands of cars which are mainly aimed at small families and single individuals. This model is around 16 inches smaller than the other SUV models and also has a sleek and stylish design. The smart look is also another big factor which will make the brand pretty popular among consumers.

The Mini Cooper Countryman will be available in the four door model and will be fitted with advanced features. There will be an electrical as well as fuel powered engine for more efficiency and speed.

2009 BMW K1300GT StreetBike – A look inside the machine

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Most of the riders pay attention to the exterior of any bike before peeking inside the bike. Budget apart, the main factors that influence affect the youngsters opting for a bike is its look at the first place. Then the engine speed, mileage, pickup, and other things. If they do find the other things but they can’t find the look they want, they have the option to get the bike customized at the workshop itself. They can also view what the bike will look like after the customization, on a computer.

There is no such problem with the 2009 BMW K1300GT StreetBike. The bike has an excellent exterior that beats the best bikes in Europe. The K series is based on the S series, which is available in the European countries. The engine is just a modification of the S series. The modification is aimed at more easy riding of the bike. The seats and handle bars are adjustable. The entire interior of the bike is controlled by an onboard computer. This includes the braking system, clutches, engine torque and much more.

BMW K1300GT Streetbike – The Touring Motorbike

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Auto, Car, Bike, BMW K1300GT StreetbikeThe S models of the BMW are primarily meant for the European market where speed is a major concern. But the features of the bikes contribute to orders from around the world so it is not a surprise if you find the BMW S series in the US. The K series have the same parts in the bike, the same engine, the same chassis and everything similar to the S series.

The BMW K1300GT has an engine that has been tuned for more ride ability that makes it slightly less on the power as compared to the S models. Sleek and splendid, the GT has all the looks that a biker needs. The GT is also customizable as per your needs but keep in mind, the laws while getting the bike customized.

The ergonomics of the bile available through the range of choice in seats and adjustable seats as well as the handle bars make the bike ideal for people of different shapes and sizes. You can also opt for a premium package that has Xenon headlights, thermal seats and grips, onboard computer, TPM sensors, and an ASC.