Porsche 997 is the latest sports car manufactured by Porsche. It is a lighter, faster and updated version of the 997 turbo.
Due to Jeremy Clarkson’s statement that the design team of Porsche is the laziest, this time they made an honest attempt to change the external styling of their latest model. The interiors have been totally re-invented. Even the controls are all new. The striking difference is the circular headlights with separate indicators. It has a renewed front bumper as well.
You get an adrenaline rush every time you drive it. Its features will drive you crazy. It has lightness in the steering wheels which you will not get in any other car. All convertibles have some pitfalls, as they are heavy and less stiff but 997 can actually make you go till the last mark on your Speedo-meter. Isn’t that cool? You will look no less than Michael Schumacher while driving it.


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