Types Of Hybrid Cars

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Different Types of hybrid cars

various Types of hybrid cars

The simplest explanation to give about what is hybrid cars then it is basically a hybrid electronic vehicle which worlds on two power source which are different. There are several other long and he terms which makes this concept to look more complicated when it is not.  If you want to explore the concept of hybrid cars more, you need to know about the types of hybrid cars. Now basically there are three types of hybrid cars, full hybrids, mild hybrids and plug in hybrids. Well apart from these also there are certain variations which include micro hybrids and muscle hybrids. These are basically considered as the sub types of hybrid cars. The two different types of powers which can run the cars are electricity and gas in US. Whereas when it comes to Europe the hybrid cars over there shows the combination of electricity and diesel. You can also consider certain other factors but the main factors are electricity and gasoline.

  • Full hybrids

Among the regular hybrid cars, wherein you don’t generally include the plug in hybrid cars, the most fuel efficient cars are the full hybrid types. They use all the top technologies and they are most probably engineered solutions. One of the best examples of full hybrid car is Toyota Prius. Well in today’s time there are several car manufacturers which offer full hybrid cars. Full hybrid cars are highly energy efficient and are also beautifully defined as they have the feature of automatically choose the series mode or parallel mode or electric mode to operate. Well the electric part is used to drive the wheels and the gas part is to provide power to the engine. This is the basic function of full hybrid cars.

  • Mild hybrid

Mild hybrid cannot be considered as the best type and is not as good as that of full hybrid cars as it is limited to that of the parallel hybrid mode. The simplest way to look at mild hybrid car is that it has a battery and also a help motor but this will operate properly when the gas engine is working and make sure to never fully take over it. Mild hybrid cars are not that much powerful that they can propel the car without the gas engine and also do certain works. Mild hybrid cars might make use of stop and start and also the regenerative brakes but they don’t give return as high as EPA rating mpg.

  • Plug in hybrid

Plug in hybrid is just a step ahead in the way of creating a pure electric vehicle. There are only seven plugs in hybrid cars existing in today’s time. These types of cars have larger batteries and make optimum use of technologies. These types of hybrid cars can be plugged in the grid and can also increase the supply of on board electricity. This will allow the functions of the car to work at its optimum level.