Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

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Buying A Used CarAlthough buying a used car is economical it involves a lot of inspection before you decide on buying it. You do not want to end with something that is nothing more than a junk so, a careful inspection of the car is very important. There are certain things that you need to know that must be checked in the car before you buy it. Visiting and analyzing the car in good light maybe during daytime is a good idea. Be familiar with the car and do not rush through the inspection. It is much more challenging to buy an old car as it needs a lot of effort to check it condition and usage details.

• For starters check the run of the car. You should know how old the car is and how many years it has been used. Usually a car that 3-5years old is a good and decent buy. The mile-o-meter in the car can be helpful for calculations but it is very much possible that the mile-o-meter of the car has been tampered. So, make sure that you do not get fooled.

• The next and most important thing about the car is its engine. Check if the engine of the car is not noisy and runs smoothly. A healthy engine is essential for the car to last. An engine that is good is not very noisy and does not emit bad smoke.

• Certain things such as a tyre that is in good shape is also a plus point. However, if the tyres do not look very good you could bargain and negotiate with the price. You are sure to get reductions.

• They car owners might even try tricking you. They could have re-painted the car to hide the damages. So, be sure that you buy a car that has been well maintained. The bonnet area can be checked for scratches and any wear and tear. A good maintained car will be free of all this.

• The battery of the car is an integral component. Check that it is in a good running condition. If not there is always room for reductions in price.

• The electrical components, lighting, dippers, working music system are also important. If you see any of them not up to the mark you can demand reductions. If the car that you are looking at has air-conditioning facilities, check that it is working well.

• Once you are done with the inspection of the car you now need to make sure that all the documents related to the car are in proper condition. Ensure that the car you are buying from is the first owner of the car and no middlemen are involved. Check the registration certificate of the car and its authentic papers. Also check that the numbers on the engine and the papers match.

• Make sure that the car you buy has been registered in that very state if not, you do the proper documentation. Also check for the insurance of the car. Make sure that you know about the accidents and claims if any have been made for the car.

• Check if you can find cheap auto insurance for your new vehicle. You can visit comparison sites like and get a few automobile insurance quotes for your new ride. Don’t make the mistake of buying a car without checking how much it would cost you to insure it. Some autos can be cheap to buy because it is expensive to insure. You have already blown the budget on it. Next thing you want is to find out you cannot pay the insurance premium.

Once you have checked all of the above you are in a good position to buy the car.