Jaguar F type

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Jaguar F typeDistinctive, agile and powerful the Jaguar F type is one of the best sports cars that Jaguar has launched till now. The instant responsive handling together with the high performance makes it stand out from all the other models. The supercharged engines, advanced driving technologies and light weight aluminum body will create a rush of adrenaline in your blood. The Jaguar F type comes in three different models each of which has different specialties. Given below are the models:

• F Type S- it has great sophistication suspension technologies and tremendous power which increases the performance and balance.

• F Type V8 S Convertible- this model has been engineered for instant responsive handling and high performance and it also has a high level of dynamic capability together with great control. The performance of this model is exotic and very few cars can match the performance of this model.

• F Type R Coupe-
the peerless design along with the advanced dynamic technologies makes this car a hot favorite for the drivers who want the ultimate driving experience. It has supercar performance level with instantaneously responsive handling.

The power of the Jaguar F Type is something to be highly appreciated. It has a range of three highly powerful engines: 5.0 L V8 550 HP, 5.0 L V8 495 HP, 3.0 L V6 380 HP and 3.0 L V6 340 HP. The V engines help to maintain the compact dimensions of this type and the twin vortex supercharger induction technology makes it completely different from all the models Jaguar has launched so far. The supercharged induction technology also helps to add to the linear power deliver which in turn impacts on the high levels of torque thus increasing the overall performance of the car. The engine responds immediately and maintains the brand name which Jaguar has created so far.

2014 Alfa Romeo C

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2014 Alfa Romeo CThe 2014 Alfa Romeo C has been made to look like an exotic Ferrari. The height, width and other proportions have improved as compared to the previous models. To begin with the features this model has a catalytic converter, a turbo and a whopping 130 millisecond of gear change. The Alfa Romeo C also has a four cylinder that runs 1742 cc and it is all aluminum with turbocharged and direct injection facility. The V12 engine roars up every time the car starts. For a short brake it trades a power snapping balance in the shafts which leads to an eight crankshaft counterweight. With this it is able to produce 237 HP and 258 lb ft of torque. Although it has some drawbacks such as it does not have knee airbags nor does it have side airbags and there is no satellite radio or carpeting yet this car is acceptable to the car enthusiasts because of the wide range of features it comes with.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo C has the ability to pick up 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and the automatic dual clutch makes it easier for the driver to maintain the stability and balance of the car. The gear box has not been changed in this model and as it turned out there is also a Dodge Dart option with final drive ratios to compliment the gear box. This is absolutely new and has never been seen in the cars of this brand. One good thing about this car is it has no wheel spin thus allowing the driver to have full control over the car in all conditions. In the first gear the digital speedometer climbs up to 24 mph and the dual barrel shotgun blasts out when it is in the second gear.