Waiting for the upgraded Fiat Punto Evo

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Fiat Punto Evo, car reviewsAfter ruling market successfully, Fiat has planned to upgrade its hatchback car, the Fiat Punto. The upgraded version will be named Fiat Punto Evo. This car will definitely attract a lot of car users. Fiat hopes to overtake the market with the launch of the Punto Evo. The car is packed with awesome features and the overall performance of the new car has also improved.

The Punto Evo is a turbocharged version and comes with a 1.4 liter multi air engine. The car is equipped with a clever valve management feature. This particular feature has made the car much more fuel efficient, the mileage has improved as well and this also improves the torque of the car. The horse power of the engine of the new Fiat Punto Evo has also increased to 163bhp.

The engine of the car is much more refined and smooth and gives you an ultimate driving experience. The car can pick up a speed of 0-62mph in just 7.9 seconds.

Tips to maintain a Nissan Sunny

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Nissan Sunny, Nissan , car maintenanceNissan has launched plenty of cars in the past. One of them is Nissan Sunny. This hybrid comes with its own maintenance issues. Like all hybrids this car can also be maintained with care and that can cut down costs spent on servicing by a great margin. Not much expertise is required in changing the spark plugs or checking them on any car, so that can be checked on a regular basis.

The most easily damaged parts of any car are the fuel filters and the air filters. These need to be cleaned on regular basis and must be dealt with to improve the longevity of the car. When malfunctioning, these parts can lead to problems in the future that incur a lot of expenditure. Checking additional filter connected to cooling, heating and battery is a good way of maintaining your Nissan Sunny. Engine cooling system, pipes and clamps also need a periodic lookup.

Tips to choose the best car repair center

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car reair, auto careIs your car in need of a good servicing? Well, it’s needless to mention that your car is certainly one of your most treasured assets and hence you should entrust the repair responsibilities on a trusted garage only. Here are some needed tips to choose the best car repair center.

The first tip is to go for a renowned garage only. Ask out your friends and relatives who have cars to recommend on some credible car repair centers. You can even search online and make sure to read the customer testimonials before sending your car to the repair center. The selected car repair garage must be backed by skilled and seasoned mechanics who are experienced in servicing a versatile range of makes and models.

The repair center should also promise you to support with high quality car parts and accessories from reputed brands only. Lastly, there must be the guarantee of a speedy service.