Top 3 upcoming sports bike of 2013

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sports bike, bike reviewsSports bike has always been a craze among most young boys. Sports bike are the ones which stand out due to its bright colors and their speed. The best sports bike brands are Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. There are all Japanese brands. Outside the Japanese brands there is the Italian Ducati and Triumph of Britain. Every year there are some bikes which come out in to be very popular. Even in 2013 there are some of them which will become very popular. The top 3 upcoming bikes of 2013 are-

• Kawasaki Ninja ZX14. It is predicted to be released in November 2013 having an expected price of Rs.80000.
• The Kawasaki Ninja 400r is also to come out in November and its price is guess to be 500000.
• Ducati Superbike 1199 Panigale of the Italian company is going to be seen in December with an expected price of 2000000.

Leather car seat restoration

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car care, car seatsLeather interior makes your car more attractive. So keeping it safe is important. The damaged leather car seat will reduce the value of your car. Small damages can be repaired in a short duration. Here are some steps to restore the leather car seat.
• Cut away the rough pieces on the edges to make the tear clear. Use nail scissors for the minute work.
• Clean the damaged area with warm soap water and rub it thoroughly with alcohol. Dry the seat with cloth.
• Buy the leather which matches the current seat color and cut it accordingly to the tear area. Make sure to cut one inch excess leather for the teared area.
• Apply the adhesive on the edges of the area, then place the new leather material to stick over it. Allow it to dry.
• Use sand to remove excess glue around the corners.
• Use the perfect dye to color the new leather which should match the existing seat color.

Reviewing the Honda Pilot

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Honda Pilot, Honda Honda has already launched to you the superfast SUV model Honda Pilot. It provides list of standard features. It has a highly efficient V6 engine, flexible suspension and has automatic transmission system. If you are both speed lover as well as you are great cautious about the car design then Honda Pilot is the best option for you. It has got best ratings for performance, interior design, exterior design, and safety and also for the reliability.

After reviewing it has maintained to get a rank 19 as affordable midsize SUV and 30th in the group of affordable crossover SUV. It has also maintained its position in the economical standards. The internal part of the engine is polished of a certain chemical which optimizes the use of the fuel. The critics have reviewed the parts and have a great faith on the safety measures of this SUV. If you have any kind of fear regarding the driving and accommodation safety then according to the critics Honda Pilot is the best option.

The 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI

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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI, Mitsubishi Lancer A few months back, the Mitsubishi Global Product Director, Gayu Eusegi, announced that they would not make any moiré Evo cars. This was a huge disappointment for several car lovers but recently, the Mitsubishi makers said that they are not going on with the termination of the Evo cars and they are launching the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI in January 2013. Its predecessor, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, 2011 was a huge success and the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI is better in terms of style, performance, and looks.

Power is the main aspect of this car. It is a specialized diesel-electric hybrid car. This means that this power packed car can accelerate within 0 to 60 seconds within 5 seconds. A combination of an electric motor and 1.6- liter gasoline engine makes this a very fuel efficient car. The exteriors are sleek and made with great enhancements keeping the present public in mind.