Jeep Patriot: a bargain

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Jeep Patriot, auto reviewsFor all those who are planning to purchase a sturdy SUV, the Jeep Patriot is a very good option. The most recently launched Jeep Patriot has revised front fascia and the interior has also been changed quite a lot. There have been mechanical upgrades as well and all these improvements have been driving the Jeep Patriot a wonderful experience. The 2013 Jeep Patriot has new soft-surface door panels, steering wheel with three spokes and new center armrest. The standard equipment has been improved and the upholstery has been revised.

The Jeep Patriot also has a re-tuned suspension along with damping rates and higher spring. The rear swaybar is thicker and there are rebound springs. What makes the Jeep Patriot such a good choice is its price. This car is a really good bargain because it comes at a base price of $15,995. And once you ride the jeep, you will understand that it is every penny’s worth.

Range Rover Evoque: a review

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Range Rover Evoque, Range RoverThe Land Rover Evoque is here and the market has responded favorably to it. A lot of people were initially not warm to the idea of such a clumsy name, but once the SUV was launched, peoples’ uncertainties seem to have dissipated. It is Land Rover’s first product in the crossover SUV segment and it can be said that the car is alluring and elegant. In fact, people who have bought the Evoque have said that the car needs to be experienced, not explained.

What stands out about the Land Rover Evoque is its design. The car embodies a path breaking design in the world of automotive design. In fact, it is being said that as far as the design goes, Land Rover Evoque is the David Beckham of cars! The driving power is Ford sourced, 270 pound feet torque producing, 240 horsepower pumping, 2 liter engine with four cylinder eco-boost along with turbo charging and direct injection.

Things to Look For In Small SUVs

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Small SUV, buy SUVIf you are planning to get an SUV but don’t want to go for a large bulky one, then you can look for small ones too, which are mainly known as compact SUVs. SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are usually known to be large and powerful. But if you get the same features in a smaller version then that can also be very beneficial. These compact SUVs are usually of 4.25 to 4.60 meters in length. The first compact SUV was launched in the year 1983 in the form of the Chevrolet S 10 Blazer.

The compact SUVs usually have limited off road features. They also come with monocoque construction features which are seen exclusively in small SUVs. Small family cars and compact cars usually have similar features and that is where the compact SUVs get their inspirations. The looks of compact SUVs are similar to the other larger ones.

Unboxing the 2013 Ford C-MAX

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Ford C-MAX, FordThe first thing that will strike you about the Ford C-MAX is that is a good looking car. The Ford C-MAX is a treat for those who prefer the Ford trademark design because all though the Ford C-MAX is new in the block it does resemble the Ford family in a comforting kind of way.

The Ford C-MAX is designed for 2013 and comes with headlights at the back and Grill. The car can be driven around easily no matter whether you are driving on flat lands or driving up a hilly road. Another advantage that this car has over its previous Prius V is that it is armed with horsepower that is 50 more!
That makes it a lot less difficult to climb up hilly roads. The Ford C_MAX also has 7 more mpg and can be trusted to reach 47 mpg whether driven in the city or mountains provided you drive it conservatively.