Car maintenance tips for working women

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Car maintenance tips, care careCar maintenance is something which needs to be undertaken by every individual on a regular basis. A car in proper working condition and in good health will last you a very long time and ensure that you have a smoother and comfortable ride. And this is not something which can only be carried out by men. Research has shown that women are more than up to the task when it comes down to car maintenance and sometimes, they even excel men. Here are a few handy tips for working women to keep their car in proper condition.

The first thing that needs to be done is to learn how to change the tires in case of a puncture and also to ensure that you know how to check the pressure in the tires. Always make sure that you have a spare tire in case of a puncture on the road. One also needs to ensure that the oil and air filters are properly cleaned and changed whenever the need be. Always ensure that regular check up of the car is carried out by professional to keep the car free from any haggles and problems and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Defender DC100 from Land Rover

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Defender DC100, Land RoverIn the year 2011,Germany celebrated the Frankfurt motor show which was in its 64th year.In that celebration the world famous Land Rover showcased its latest model Defender DC100. We all know that the manufacturer has always come up with innovative models and Defender DC100 is no less. It is known that the mechanisms are kept simple but the facilities and the style is completely unique.

The entire vehicle is given a very contemporary and up to date look which will appeal the masses a lot mainly the youth. The vehicle is kept very aesthetic with the edges perfectly rounded and the body having smooth, fine lines. The inside of the vehicle is kept very simple which will enable any ordinary person also to drive the car. The vehicle will also have the facility of a petrol engine of Hybrid V6 which is very eco friendly apart from having the options of petrol and diesel like other cars. It has the system of double solenoid starter along with a automatic gearbox of ZF 8 speed and a motor of 95bhp which runs on electricity. The battery can be recharged with the Recovery System which utilizes the Kinetic energy. Thus the vehicle is indeed very advanced.

Review of the Ford Kuga

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Ford Kuga, FordThe Ford Company took its first step into the soft-roader SUV market with Ford Kuga proving the old proverb “last but not the least”. The name is ridiculous for a car as it is from no angle cat-like. It will surely not climb mountains but do most of the things a buyer expects of this car. It satisfies the comfort level of the owner having a sit up position that is classic with beg positions for seating. It is seen to be flexible and performance has been satisfactory so far, available with the two engines, petrol and diesel, that it professes to possess. It is a choice for people who want to be so called cool sitting in their car and want to stand out in the crowed.

The steering is an electro-hydraulic set-up and tough one can easily choice among ‘standard’, ‘comfort’ or ‘sport’, non is truly optimal. As far as the quality is concerned it matches the expensive Volvo XCO in the SUV market. It is not a small mini car, so to learn the practicality of the big car can be impressive. As with all running diesel, the engine has long life and so does the service intervals and change in economy will not make much difference. Depreciation might rear its ugly head if the basement or the bottom continues to drop out of the SUV market. To rate it out of ten stars, seven stars would be a just mark.

Maintaining your Audi TT Quattro Radiator

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Audi TT Quattro, AudiThe Audi TT Quattro was launched in the year 1995 as a concept model and till date, it is one of Audi’s most famous models. Although found rarely on the streets nowadays, the Audi TT Quattro has rarely received any complaints regarding the functionalities of the car. Provided the radiator is properly maintained, this car gives the best possible service in its price range. Keeping the radiator of any car cool is always the best way to achieve an efficient performance and one can easily maintain the radiator of the Audi TT Quattro themselves.

After a long drive, it is essential that you provide ample time to rest the engines and in turn the radiator so that the machinery does not face excessive wear and tear. If it is a very hot day, then adding water to the radiator is necessary once during the drive is highly recommended as it would ensure that the radiator does not heat up too fast resulting in problems later. Finally, it is also advised to have a professional and experienced mechanic take a look at the car once every year to ensure that there are no graver problems.