A review of the stylish Audi R8

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Audi is one of the most reputed brands of cars. The Audi R8 was launched by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006. It is a 2- seater, mid engine sports car. This car has been specially designed and manufactured by the highly reputed Audi AG Company. When you see the car you will understand the care with which the cars have been designed. Each car has seventy workers working behind it and each of its parts is hand fitted.

The factory manufactures around 15 cars daily and the Audi R8 is available in a wide range of countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan etc. needless to say, the experience of driving in an Audi is one of the experienced ever. The look and feel of the car is mind-blowing. Its astonishing size and king like feel is addictive. This car was officially launched by the Paris Auto Show and is scheduled to be replaced in 2014.

A preview of the brand new 2012 Honda Civic hybrid

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Planning to buy a car? Then the new Honda Civic Hybrid would be an excellent choice. The car carries the brand name of Honda so you can rest assured that you will get the best services and a fuel efficient technology. The other features of the car are as follows-

1) The brand new Honda Civic has a personalized multi-information display. This means now you can personalize your driving experiences.

2) The safety measures are an all time high. You are safe when you are driving this car!

3) You can download the preview of your Honda Civic in your phone and view it whenever you want to.

4) Along with a smooth driving experience, the Honda Civic is an extremely attractive and stylish car.

As you see if you have decided to buy this car then this is a good choice. Plus the good will of Honda is always there with you.

Various sorts of trucks available in the market

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Trucks, also known as Lorries in some countries are a cargo transporting vehicle. Definitely an eye sore but more importantly a must for our daily lives to function normally, the trucks vary a lot in terms of size, power, configuration etc. Specialized trucks like fire trucks, concrete mixers and excavators also exist. The trucks are mainly classified according to their sizes.

The lightest vehicles, also known as Light Rigid vehicles (LR), weigh more than 4,500 kg but not more than 8,000 kg (un-towed) and 9,000 kg (towed). Next comes, the Medium Rigid (MR) vehicles and Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicles, for both of which the Gross Vehicle mass exceeds 8,000 kg. HR and MR can be distinguished through the number of axles in them. While a HR vehicle has 3 axles, an MR vehicle has 2 axles. Following these come super heavy trucks – Heavy Combination trucks and Multi Combination trucks which usually have a combination of trailers.

The 2011 Ford Fusion hybrid review

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Are you planning to get yourself a new sedan? If you are you can take a look at the all new 2011 Ford Fusion hybrid. After the 2011 Ford model of Fusion Hybrid received ravishing reviews from all quarters, the makers of this make have kept most the things unchanged. However they have adding some great new features to the 2011 edition of the Ford Fusion hybrid. It has new technology features like the MyKey, rain sensing windshield wipers and HD radio.

The 2011 Ford Fusion hybrid was named the 2010 North American Car of the Year, it is known for its truly impressive and amazing performance and great fuel economy. The great thing about this family car is it is very eco-friendly. Moreover, it offers an extremely comfortable ride. The gasoline-electric powertrain of the car gives the users operation that is seamless. It also has SmartGuage that is an attractive display behind your wheel and shows how efficiently you are driving.

The 2011 hybrid Mercedes Benz M class

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This latest model released by Mercedes Benz is a four-door luxury, 5 passenger capacity convertible, and it is equipped with five trims. This automobile has seven gear patterns and it gives a good fuel utilization ranging from 16 mpg inside the cities to about 20 mpg on the highways. This car offers a capacity of the fuel tank at 25 gallons and special features include power door locks as well as child safety locks on the doors.

The special features about this M class vehicle are the addition of six-seated airbags, along with 4-wheel abs, auto-on headlights and traction control. Alarm for anti-theft and rear and front disc brakes and color bumpers, accompanied by intercooler, Turbocharger, DVD player, automatic climate controller and a tachometer is what makes it so special and eye-catching. New cool features include heated passenger and driver seats, keyless entry, mirrors with memory, etc. The ML63 is priced at $92,500 whilst the less advanced model comes at a price of $52,000.

Learn how to sell a car profitable fast

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When you want to buy a car, be it new or second hand, why do you always have a hundreds of options, how do they do it? Oh, so you want to sell, perhaps your own car too. What can you do, let’s have a look:

• Choose the best time of the year to sell it, avoid holidays.
• Sell on weekdays so that you have less competition around.
• You always want shiny fast cars, remember others do too. Keeping that in mind don’t forget to wash it and clearing out everything from inside.
• Coming to the technical part, make a note of every servicing done and the capacity of the car every time, and mention if any part of the car yet holds warranty.
• Have all the paper work and keys and spare keys of the car ready. You don’t want to show any kind of unpreparedness from your side.

An overview of the Lexus IS300

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The Lexus IS300, released in 2001 completely erased the image of the standard Lexus luxurious and graceful car. The sporty aspect of this car gave a thump in every car lovers belly with its personification as more of an extrovert and athlete like. Apart from the physical aspect, this car endeavors to create a psychological bonding with the driver, providing a real company while driving. The inside mechanisms and design of the car does not disappoint but is not appealing as well.

This beauty originates from the Japanese Toyota camp. Though it weighs marginally above a ton, it can accelerate to a 100kmph in mere 9.3 seconds. Fundamentally, the appearance looks more like a hybrid of a luxury and a sports car, however more than enough attention is given to the comfort-factor. Its side view gives it an impression of a fighter plane without wings. Sedan aka IS 300, released in the US is powered with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine

Light up your RV better with LED lights

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If you are into frequent boondocking, you have to support your RV with powerful lighting. It’s better if you can opt for LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures replacing your old incandescent ones. The LED option consumes lesser power so that you won’t need to stay so conscious about switching off the lights at night especially when you are camping in a remote location.

The experts say that the LED lights benefit you with 5 times lesser power consumption compared to the usual lights you have used in your RV. If you feel that replacing all your incandescent provisions with LED would strain your wallet, go for a few of them primarily which would also help a lot in saving the power usage.

You can start off with an individual lighting for the bathroom. Otherwise, go for the “warm white” LEDs over the bed which are a good provision for reading with its warm yellow tint. Moreover, these LED fixtures are quite easy to install and do not demand any modification in the previous lighting fixtures.