Ferrari 599 GTO: A Review

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The Ferrari 599 GTO comes with a highly elegant technological build which presents an unprecedented performance that overtakes even the Ferrari Enzo. The model comes with a V12 engine (6.0 l) that produces around 670hp at about 8500 rpm. Then, there is carbon fiber throughout including the cockpit.

The engineers here have used the SCM2, ESP and the F1-Trac systems. The ESP system works independently on every four breaks of the vehicle. The SCM2 regulates the vehicle’s balance and also operates with F-1-Trac maximizing lateral and longitudinal acceleration permitting you to accelerate earlier and harder.

The model is designed by Pininfarina and comes with a very stylish look. The rear, side and front are more aggressive and bolder. Its color and paint treatment reminds you of the Ferrari’s victorious racing cars with its 2 tone treatment, a signature black and red eye catching design. The weight depletion efforts in the car play an essential role in delivering a superlative performance.