Tips on car engine maintenance

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Owning a car is not too difficult these days but maintaining one is a task. It is imperative for every car owner to know how to take good care of his car as it gives him or her comfort and convenience. From basic maintenance to trouble shooting every car owner must know it all at his fingertips. To keep the car in good running condition here are some basic tips the owner needs to follow.

The engine oil level should be regularly checked before you take off the car. Then the engine level coolant also needs to be constantly kept a tab on before leaving as it causes high temperature resulting in the overheating of the engine. Ensure that the electrical system and all the tires are in a good state. Religiously check the important lights like the signal lights, headlights and the park lights as well. This will prevent car accidents.

Ensure that there are no flat tires and always carry a spare tire with you. The car gauges like the fuel gauge, voltage gauge, air pressure etc. needs to be checked properly to make sure they are in a good condition.

SUV: 2011 Acura MDX

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The Acura MDX happens to be a Japanese car and it is also popular known as the Honda MDX as it belongs to the parental company of Honda. Since 2001 Acura model came into production and designing. The car has many modern and contemporary features and also comes with five speed automatic engine which has a 4 wheel drive. It is mid-sized and was manufactured in Canada.

Before the Acura MDX there was the Acura SLX. In both Japan and Australia the Acura MDX is manufactured and it was released in the market for sale in 2003. The key features that set the car apart from the others is the DVD set in the front seat which gives the ultimate entertainment to the passengers, the unique navigation system, the arrangement of the wheels in the kiwi style and the 5 door SUV.

The car has amazing rotating capacity and comes with a splendid torque which rotates around 4000 to 5000 times every minute.

Advantages of trucks over cars

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Trucks are available in various sizes and shapes. There are some with long beds, some trucks come with short beds and there are quite a few that include left kits as well. It is a clear states fact that no matter whichever type of truck you have it definitely has an edge over the traditional cars.

Trucks still remain to be the popular among the masses in spite of the gas prices increasing at such a speedy rate. According to a recent survey one of the key reasons why many people prefer trucks over cars is due to its towing ability. Trucks have the capability to pull a camper, trail a boat etc. in fact to make things easy during towing trailers and other vehicles there are many trucks which have a cooling device to keep the radiator from getting overworked.

The truck owners also have the advantage to enjoy the great outdoors unlike in the case of traditional car owners. Hauling capacity of the truck is another reason which makes trucks so popular. The trucks have extensive space that gives storage space for transporting cycles, furniture and other essential items.

Effect of bad tires on the performance of a vehicle

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The performance of your car can be deeply affected if there is a bad tire. They cause wear and tear thus reducing the air pressure to a great extent. It is very important to maintain your tires well so that you are safe on the road and you have a convenient and comfortable ride.

With the help of rightly inflated tires you lessen the friction thereby increasing the gas mileage. Flat tires on the other hand need more engine fuel and power to run. Also if the tires lose tread then their grip on the roads also become very weak and during rain or snow the bald tires becomes a pain to handle.

Tiny wires protrude out from beneath the rubber as these bald tires have split sidewalls. The other very dangerous consequence of driving with bad tires is a blowout. They tend to be punctured randomly with anything sharp or heavy on the road.