Luxury family in cars: Limousine

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A limousine is a luxury car. It is owned by extremely rich classy people. The lesser financially secured people generally hire limousines for weddings and special occasions. They cannot be hired on the spot as normal cabs. They need to be booked in advance. They are often sent to receive ministers and politicians.

 Limousines are associated with status. They are generally white or black in color. They are driven by chauffeurs. 

The limousine is a stretched vehicle with two compartments – the driver and the passenger one. The compartments are divided and have a sliding glass window between them so that conversation is possible between the driver and the owner. Some limousines also have an intercom system between them. They also have bars, televisions and refrigerators inside. The famous pop singer, Elvis Presley also owns a limousine. There are a number of companies which offer you custom made limousines. What can be better than this?

Add style to your car with a decorated number plate

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Did you buy a new car or bored of its common look? Many often buy a car and after a few years make certain changes or modify it to bring out a new dimension to its look. Many bring out the sport element in their cars by adding accessories like fancy neon lights or flashy side mirrors or colored mud guards. Many add up a spoiler on the dickey to make it look like a racing car. However, what many don’t realize as a key element to its look it the number plate.

Number plates are available in the market in various style, pattern and colors. There are silicon plates which are quite durable and easy to clean as well. It doesn’t hold on to dust as well, which is an added advantage. There are other number plates, which have radium over it and glow in the dark. The numbers look quite prominent.

Car shining tips

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When it comes to making you car look good, you can always take that extra step to glam it all up. Now, if you follow some simple yet effective tips, you can easily maintain the brand new sheen for a longer period, hence making your car look as good as new.

 Most people think that just by polishing and waxing ones car, one can make it look at as good as new. But the fact is that you need to take it to the next level if that glamorous sheen is what you want. When it comes to polishing your car, many options are available for you to opt for. Keep in mind, that no matter which polish you go for, use only a soft piece of cloth preferably cotton, to spread it evenly.

 Another important factor that determines how good your car is going to look is that how clean your surface is before you wax your car. Finally, make it a point to wax frequently, at least twice in a month to keep the shine on. A common mistake is the coat your car with a thick layer of wax, hence making it lose its shine faster. Thus do not forget to keep it thin.