Dodge Avenger Sedan

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Dodge’s Avenger Sedan, like other Sedans is comfort-conscious. It has 3.5 L V6 engine with 173 HP, 166@4400 Torque and fuel efficiency of 30 MPG and excellent torque makes for smooth drive. Its interior revels in leather fittings and dual chrome seats.

Safety is strengthened with frontal and side airbags, crush zones, collapsible steering columns and particularly low-pressure tires. Spacing may be an issue on the whole but car’s fluency has a razor edge. 6-speed auto-transmission helps in that respect.

The fog lights and halogen lamps are not an appendix, while traction control and stabilizers are well-placed. The car has inherent collection of Avenger songs to avoid boredom though air conditioning is a manual venture.

Storage capacity is good and tinted glasses assure privacy. Instruments are done in bezel while seats are stain-repellant. Floor mats, strong lighting and cruise control are other features. This pinion steered car comes at an affordable price of $36,000.

Dodge Grand Caravan

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Dodge Grand Caravan’s latest version is a rocker. This 7-seater marvel comes with a 3.8-Liter V6 engine, 197 HP and 230@4000 Torque. It is bit low on entertainment with jack inputs and sound system, but its traction control and vented disc brakes are largely effective. Safety gears include latches, 3-point seat belts, crumple zones and locking detractors. It has a smart fuel efficiency of 16-23; the range compatible with its 6-speed auto transmission that guarantees good pick-up.

With chrome grilles, bumpers and air dams, its outlook cannot be questioned. Wood, chrome and leather cases make up for smart interior decoration. It has auto climate control, cruise control and temperature gauzing facility. With power rack steering and wheel locks, the car is a bulwark.

Air conditioning is manual but there are rear defrosters, sunvisors and other shields for excess heat. A panic alarm is installed in this car. Dodge Grand Caravan comes at $26,730.

Kia Forte Koup Coupe

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Kia Forte Koup Coupe comes in SX and EX versions. It has a compatible 2.4-Liter engine with 173 HP and 168@4000 Torque. Its fuel efficiency is 22-32 MPG which is nice considering that it runs on 4-speed auto transmission. Other features are rehearsed and with cutting edge.

Entertainment features include USB port, MP3 player and radio options. External security is ensured through traction control and wheel locks. There are coil springs, stabilizers, air dams and impact absorbers as well for full picture. Floors are matted and steering wheels are encased in leather. Seats are comfortable and driver’s one is adjustable too. Air bags, side beams, crumple zones are passenger safety equipment.

There are fog lamps and rear defrosts. Air condition is manual but the good wheel base and anti-skid mechanism makes it safe on all roads. With convenient pricing and good warranty, this car is a marvelous buy for pleasure seekers.