VW Golf VR6

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Volkswagen, a giant in automobile industry, has been playing up with its Golf versions. It looks like its latest improvement should be final as the VR6 engine is giving great results for its 4-seater car. The acceleration is tremendous with 2.0 L VR6 and 118 HP. Fuel efficiency ranges from 18-25.

It has an installed air conditioner, 4-cylnders for engine-cooling effect, plush interiors and great entertainment value with MP3 players and radio. Stabilizers are in place as well as bumpers and grilles. 4-wheel drive makes it an all season car, enhanced by its great wheel base and curb weight. The car runs on 6-speed auto transmission that ensures its fast acceleration.

VW Golf VR6 also provides air bags, crumple zones, dams, side beams and GPs location for passenger safety. Fog lights and daytime running lights help it navigate dark corners with ease. It looks small from outside but has mystique space available in addition to good console storage.

Aston Martin DB9

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Aston Martin versions have ever been the best in style and its unilateral roof with smart grilles give a face of élan. It is equally grand in performance. It boasts a 5935 cc V12 engine with 350 HP and 600@5000 torque. Fuel efficiency is generous at 21 MPG and 6-speed manual transmission assures good pick-up; though it can be improved.

Safety gears are top-rate with roll-over bars, tracking device, air bags and latches. Its interior is done in grain leather. Trip computer and other instrumentation are well-tuned. Smart entertainment options with MP3 players, HDD and Bluetooth are effective. There is automatic cruise and temperature control and heated seats add to the comfort equation.

There is tire pressure monitoring for safety addition. There are vented brakes, parking sensors and brilliant illumination for all seasons. Aston Martin DB9 is priced at about $164,000, gives great warranty and is an extravagantly classic buy.

Scion XD Sedan

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Scion XD Sedan wears a gradient look. This 4-seater 1.8 L engine with 128 HP is a reasonable buy, though fuel economy at 8MPG and pick-up speed is a bit low. The 4-speed auto transmission may be the reason, but the car has great maneuvering skills and traction control.

MP3 player, iPod adaptor and installed air conditioner are positives while leather bucket seats add to comfort value. The car does have cruise control while console area is intelligently placed in the middle.

Precautions come in terms of driver and passenger airbags, anti-skid and latches. Early morning drives are made convenient with rear defogger, while instrument panel is genuine. Sedan allows keyless entry to passengers and its rear seats may be half-split for further comfort. It is priced at about $16,000 and comes with good warranty package. One may use auto ignition option or increase cargo space with some effort in this car.

Maybach 57S Sedan

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Maybach 57S Sedan, like other Maybach cars, comes expensive. It however covers up with superior safety features, gadgets and general comfort. It has a 5.5L V12 engine with 543 HP and 664@2000 torque. Its fuel efficiency rating is 10-16. For starters, this 4-seater has security glass cover and anti-locks. Surround sound, LCDs and DVD players pep up the entertainment quotient.

It has high capacity illumination and dusk sensors. Console space is huge and car safety is ensured through stabilizer, dams and load-levelling. Airbags, latches, side beams and rollover sensors save passengers in tricky situations. Wood trim finish and leather casing make the interiors gel with outer façade.

It has 5-speed adaptive transmission for different routes, heated steering wheel and reclining nappa leather seats for ultimate comfort. Automatic climate control and smart instrumentation come along. There are vented disk-brakes and other genial features including good warranty make it a worthy buy at even $3,66,000

Mini Cooper Countryman

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Ranking among the well known cars that are available in the luxury segment, the Mini Cooper Countryman is slowly becoming popular for its high performance, sleek and stylish design, fuel efficiency and so on. Manufactured and marketed by the renowned company BMW, it will be launched for sale in the early next year in the US market.

The Mini Cooper Countryman falls under the small SUV brands of cars which are mainly aimed at small families and single individuals. This model is around 16 inches smaller than the other SUV models and also has a sleek and stylish design. The smart look is also another big factor which will make the brand pretty popular among consumers.

The Mini Cooper Countryman will be available in the four door model and will be fitted with advanced features. There will be an electrical as well as fuel powered engine for more efficiency and speed.

2011 Infiniti QX56

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The 2011 Infiniti QX56 is one of the well known car brands that are available in the market today. It made its debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show and since then has enjoyed great popularity. If you love driving with a sense of style, this car is perhaps the right choice for you.

The 2011 Infiniti QX56 is available in a two wheel drive model and the cost is around $56,700. In case if you are opting for the four wheel drive model, the cost will be around $59,800. The four wheel drive model comes with better features such as extra horsepower engine, sleek and stylish Japanese construction and so on.

There are some features which make the 2011 Infiniti QX56 a bit better than the rest of the models. Apart from more space and comfort, the cars come with twin tube shock absorbers, automatic rear leveling system, and automatic air pressure adjustment and so on.