Honda CR-Z

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The Honda CR-Z, also known as Honda Compact Renaissance Zero, is a highly improvised hybrid electric vehicle. It is manufactured by the well known car company Honda and is famous for its speed, low fuel efficiency and high pick up. The CR-Z is usually the upgraded successor of the Honda CR-X model.

The Honda CR-Z is operated by a gasoline and electric power engine. Apart from this the engine also has other features of a sports car engine. Its production started in the month of February in 2010 and the market is steadily increasing all across the world.

The Honda CR-Z has a 3 door hatch back body style with a FF layout. The curb weight is around 1,236 kg while the length of the wheelbase is around 2,435 mm. The car has a height of around 1,395 mm and a length of 4,080 mm. All these features make it very comfortable.

Fiat 500

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The Fiat 500 was one of the premier cars that were manufactured by the well known Fiat Company. The production of the car started in the year 1957 and it become very popular in the Italian and other European markets. The car used the latest innovation techniques at that time and was a touch above the rest in performance.

The Fiat 500 was also known for its elegant look as it was designed by renowned designer Dante Giacosa. At that time, it was a premier brand in the small car segment and was well preferred for its user friendly approach.

The Fiat 500 version had an advanced 479 cc two-cylinder engine which yielded much better performance and also high pick up speed. There was also an air cool engine in order to enhance the process of ventilation of the car. Mainly, the car was available in two models namely 2 and 3 door sedan styles.

Audi e-Tron Concept Car

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The Audi e-Tron Concept Car is one of the premier electrically driven cars in the market. It is referred to as a Mega City Vehicle which is a blend of sophisticated mechanism along with comfort and style. The production of the upgraded versions is in the final stages and gradually the car is gaining popularity in the world market.

The Audi e-Tron Concept Car is equipped with a high powered electric motor engine which is known for zero emission driving. The internal combustion engine is used to recharge the battery in a quick time even while the car is moving at high speed.

The sleek style and design of the Audi e-Tron Concept Car is also another added advantage which has led to its popularity. It comes with classy interior which is very comfortable to sit and drive. The carpet finish inside the car makes it look great while the exterior has a glossy finish for that extra glamour.

Aptera 2e

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The Aptera 2 e is a unique three wheeler passenger automobile which is known for its high efficiency and speed. It is manufactured by the well known car company Aptera Motors. The car is in the final stages of the process of design and soon will be launched in the wider market.

The vehicle is known for its high speed and performance with a speed acceleration of around 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds. The maximum speed that can be reached is around 85 miles per hour. The cost of the Aptera 2 e is around -$20,000s to mid-$40,000 based on the type of model and also the features.

The Aptera 2 e is also environment friendly as it consumes less fuel and power. It consumes just a meager 80 watts per mile if going at a speed of say 55 miles per hour. The fuel consumption is around 5 gallons of gasoline.

What To Do When a Hot Engine Is Hard To Start

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Whether your engine is cold or hot it can both contribute to its difficulty starting up. Most people know that their engine fails to start when it is either cold or hot but they do not know what to do with it. In order to solve this problem it is important for you to know what the cause of the heating or cooling is.

If your engine does not start when it is hot, the problem is mainly due to fuel related issues. Fuel do not flow well because of the vapor that blocks it and this will result with the engine not starting as it should. In some cases, the engine may not start at all and it happen in extreme cases when the engine is extremely hot.Another reason why the engine may fail to start is the coinciding of the hot temperatures of the engine to a hot season like summer.