Auto, Car, Bikes, 2010 Honda FuryThe bike is the first attempt of Honda to capture the custom chopper bike’s market. As it is still the beginning, the company is facing a tough competition. Looking at its history, chances are that Honda will be able to capture the custom chopper bikes’ market too. It seems that Honda never rests till it achieves what it wants. Their marketing strategy is not disclosed until the last moment and often is the best and compulsive.

The Honda fury is a single seat bike with a longer handle that is adjustable. The main aim behind the inception of the model is to offer affordable Hondas in the customizable market too. You can get the bare Fury as much customized as you want. It is too soon to dismiss the Fury as a way to capture the market of chopper bikes. Maybe not good for racing, but the Fury is the best for long distance cruising. You will never feel the tiredness.


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