Mercedes R350 4MATIC

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Mercedes R350 4MATICThis Mercedes eschews the traditional stations wagons whole, at the same time retaining the reputation that the Mercedes brand has always maintained of being an extremely efficient and comfortable people hauler.

This model belongs to Mercedes-Benz R-Class, which has aroused great curiosity since its introduction in 2006. It was considered a station wagon by many. A few others considered it a pioneer minivan variant.

The interior of this vehicle is arranged well. The seats are in a 2+2+2 design. They are full-size and attractive seats that offer the comfort they promise from a distance. The rear doors are huge and very simple to operate. Their huge size makes it difficult to open them when the parking lot is crowded. Second row seats are made in such a way that it is easy to access third-row seats.

The roofline is extremely practical but not very beautiful. The aerodynamic nose is without grace and the trademark grille of this Mercedes-Benz brand finds itself sandwiched between large headlights.