Online Auto Repair

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Online auto repairThe internet is best source of information. It has information on almost every thing on the planet. You can search for anything on the internet to get information on the same. So why do we need to shy away from gaining knowledge on our cars from the internet. In our free time, we can always check out sites that offer free knowledge on cars and their maintenance. This information is available in form of articles. Some sites also offer you manuals at low price.

You may not need the manual because the information therein, gets outdated as the writers on these downloadable manuals cannot keep up with rewriting the entire manual based on the newer technologies. You can still access the latest information that is present in form of short articles and in form of comparison sites that allow you to compare your car with others. Who knows you may get a deal, wherein you can exchange your present car with an upgraded version or a different make.

Many sites on the internet have information on most of the common problems that different models face. They also offer solutions to such problems. Moreover, you can check out what other owners of the vehicle of your make feel about the car. You too can participate in the discussions to make the most of the internet.

Tire Maintenance

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Tires are often neglected though everyone knows that it is the tires that help you keep your car steer smoothly. Improper wheel alignment can lead to improper driving. So is the case with tires that do not offer ample friction. If your tires are low on air pressure, you are burning more fuel to get the speed you need.

If the tires do not have the required pressure, you can feel the pickup speed going down. You have to press the accelerator harder to gain the speed. This means you are putting in more fuels as well as more pressure on your engine. Thus, neglecting tires can also affect the health of your engine. Engine repairs are the most costly. You know that.

It is time you wake up and start taking care of the tires. Check out the pressure every now and then. It hardly takes few minutes and you can avail the service while you are refueling the car. Also, check out for the wear and tear on the tires. Though each tire manufacturer claims longer tire life, the actual life depends on the terrain on which you are driving the car. If the symmetry is not visible properly, it is time to go for a tire change.

Hyundai Genesis 2009 V8 – Gearing to Get to the Top

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Hyundai Genesis 2009 V8The Hyundai entered the Sedan market with its much-accepted Hyundai Genesis V6 only to capture the bigger brands behind as far as the Sedans are concerned. The Genesis 2009 V8 is a step ahead in offering powerful driving with the all the comfort one can expect from a luxury car. This brought the car into the top three luxury brands, next only to the Lexus.

The market predicts that if the Hyundai continues the same way, it will soon be at the top of luxury brands. For example, the Motor Company left no stone unturned to make the Genesis 2009 V8 a “desirable” car. Be it the exterior or the interior, the Genesis offers everything a person willing to drive a luxury will want. The exterior is an array of beautiful elements: mirrors, lights, and buttons.

The interior is decorated with the best quality brown leather, nice plastics, black leather, and a marvelous touch of chrome and wood. The Sedan has HID auto leveling headlamps, the best sound system, and a thermal driver’s seat. These are just some of the features of the Genesis V8. For a full look, get into touch with one of the dealers of the Hyundai Genesis 2009 V8.

Rolls Royce Phantom 2008 Extended – An Overview

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Rolls Royce Phantom 2008 The Rolls Royce Phantom 2008 is a 4-door sedan that can carry up to five passengers, including the driver. The model is available in two trims. First is the Sedan and the second is the Extended Wheelbase Sedan. Both the trims come with the standard V12, 6.75 liter, and 453 horsepower engine!

The sedan is designed to give a good mileage. The Rolls Royce Phantom 2008 can get up to 11 MPG in the busy streets of the city. The mileage goes up to 18 MPG on the highways. The engine is coupled with a six speed automatic transmission. The transmission comes with the overdrive in the standard model too.

The interior is a beauty. The driver dashboard reflects the feel of wood. Same is the case with the Door panel and front console. For safety, the rear doors are controlled by the driver. With the leather wheel at the drivers place, the carpet laced car base gives you an overall comfortable drive.

Hyundai Genesis 2009 V6 – Combination of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus

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Auto, Car, Bikes,Hyundai Genesis 2009 V6 The 2009 model of the Genesis V6 from the Hyundai Motors is a feather in its cap. It has already captured a substantial portion of luxury cars (sedans), within less than a complete year of its release announcement. The Genesis V6 is the first car from the Hyundai. It is a four door, full sized, and rear drive sedan that has taken the market by storm. The charts indicate that Hyundai Motors is all set to capture the large car segment too.

The Genesis looks like a combination of all the major brands in the luxury sedan market. It is a combination of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus. The front of the sedan looks like the Mercedes E class. The tail lid and the deck bear a resemblance to the BMW 7 series. Several angles give it a look of Lexus. It will be a bit to identify the Hyundai Genesis 2009 V6 until you come closer to it.

Auto Maintenance Checklist – Overview and Implementation

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Auto MaintenanceCar maintenance checklist is a list of regular checks that you should perform on your car. It also includes a list of services that need to be implemented to make sure that your vehicle remains new and offers peak performance every time you drive the car.
Creating a maintenance checklist is not hard. It is advised that you create a checklist that is divided into three parts. The checklist should be based on your dealer’s advice or on the car manual. You may also talk to a car expert regarding what all to check and when to replace what.

The first part of the checklist is the monthly checklist, wherein you check out the oil levels, belts, tires, air filters, air pressures, and hoses. The three-monthly checklist allows you to check and change the engine and brake fluids. You should also check out on the transmissions battery terminals as well as the cables. Finally, the six monthly check-list should include items such as shock absorbers, brakes, exhaust, lights, and wipers.

Car Maintenance Schedule

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Maintenance, Repair,As they say, prevention is better than cure. In the case of cars, the cures can be very costly. For example, if you did not pay attention to the engine oil and the oils burns out, you will run on dry engine for a few miles before the car comes to halt never to start again as the engine is dead. Paying attention to the engine oil could have saved you from such a situation.

Thus, it is necessary to maintain a regular car maintenance schedule. You do not need do anything extra than mentioned in the car’s manual. You just need to check the air pressure for proper steering and better control of the car.

Fluids are one of the most ignored cases. If the brake oil is damaged, it won’t let you apply brakes properly. So keep on changing the brake liquid frequently, say at every 30,000 miles or less. Same applies to the engine oil. Check out our carburetor and wheel alignment from time to time so as to save on the fuel.

Preparing your Car for winter

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Winter CareWinter offers a tough climate for driving. The sight is low and so is the friction, with most of the roads covered with fog and snow. It is hard to drive on such roads. If there is much snow, your car should have the ability to steer out of it instead of being stuck in it.

Regular maintenance check should be done before the month of winter. This makes sure that you have proper wheels and braking system. These two are among the major factors that help you steer through the winter. If need be, go ahead and get the wheels changed. The point here is to get maximum friction from the road.

In addition to the above, check your headlights as you will need them even during the daytime due to fog. Check the dipper too. Make sure the headlights are functioning at all levels. Also, check out the backlights that help other cars behind you to know that you are there. Finally, you also need to take care of the windshield and the wipers as you will need them regularly while on a foggy road.

Car Maintenance Costs – Sustaining in Economic Recession

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Repair, Maintenance, FuelDrive slowly and under 40 the specified speed limit. Driving slowly helps you avoid any kind of breakdowns. It also saves you the high priced fuel.

Go for Routine maintenance. This helps in identification of any wear and tear that may create a major breakdown. Regular checkup of the car prevents such disasters where you need to spend a hefty amount to get the car up and running again.

Keep the brakes functional. Handle the entire braking system gently. Do not use sudden breaks. This comes back to proper driving. If you are driving properly, your entire accelerator, clutch, and break system, stay healthy as you will not be dancing on them.

Another most important aspect is to get the fluids changed on time. The regular ones are the engine oil and brake oil. Make sure you are changing them at regular intervals with best quality oil. Compromising on the oil quality can again lead to major problems that can cost you more than what you can afford in times of economic recession.

What to do when you Car Leaks Oil

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Repair Maintenance,It may be hard man times to find a leak in the car. Sometimes it is just fake assumption that the car is leaking. This happens if the car has other problems that are causing the engine oil to be combusted fast than the normal speed. Alternatively, there may be a small leak that is not visible as the oil does not drip from to the ground and sticks to the engine itself.

However, over time, the car leak grows. If you do not know where the car is leaking from or cannot see the leak, it is better to wait till the car shows up the leak. If you can afford, you may go and get the leak fixed at the mechanic. However, it is better to wait till the leak shows up. Normally, the engine leak does not take more than a few days to show up. If it is taking longer, the problem lies elsewhere and needs immediate attention.

Once you can see the leak, you can fix it yourself temporarily using any substance that stops the leak, if you are out of cash. As soon as you get enough money, you can rush to the mechanic and get the oil leak fixed.

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