Car Maintenance Costs – The Reality

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Maintenance,The car maintenance costs are generally kept lower by the manufacturer. This helps in creating a positive image of the manufacturer. On the other hand, the mechanics try to make the most of the maintenance checkups as their business is dependant on it. This often leads to checks and changes that the manufacturer does not recommend.

Each garage has its own norms that they follow while maintenance of cars. Very often, these vary highly from what the manufacturer says. For example, a 30000 miles checkup may not need coolant flush, power steering fluid change, and automatic transmission service. However, most of the mechanics offer all this when you give the car for 30,000 miles maintenance.

The larger the garage is, the more difficult it gets to negotiate. Thus it is recommended that you go for smaller mechanics so that you can understand what all is the mechanic going to do so as to keep the costs low.

The Lazy Man’s Car Maintenance Guide

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Auto, Car, Bikes, MaintenanceThe basic maintenance for you car is described in the car manual that came with the car. It includes the air pressure to be maintained in tires and when to change the oil, clean regulator etc. If the car owner does not perform the maintenance on a regular basis, he or she may still feel the problems when driving the car. Any deviance in the car operation means something is wrong and needs attention. You may check out things for yourself.

For example, if the car’s pickup becomes slow while you start the car or pause at signals, it means that the front tires have problem. Similarly, if you feel humps during driving, it is again the problem of tires. You can occasionally, check for the oil using the drip stick that came with the car toolkit. If the car shakes while driving, it means there is something wrong with the suspension or wheel alignment. There are many similar problems that can be diagnosed immediately if you pay attention to your car while driving.