2009 Victory Hammer – Power, Torque and Excitement

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Auto, Car, Bikes, 2009 Victory HammerOnce you look at the 2009 Victory Hammer, you will never want it to go out of your sight. The brilliantly designed motorbike has left many big brands far behind in the design of the 2009 Victory Hammer. The adjustable seats and handles make it even more desirable as people with any shape and size can ride it easily. Once you are on it, it is sure that you will be breaking all the traffic laws.

The bare naked bike is powered by the Freedom 106 CI V-TWIN Engine. The engine is calibrated for these cruisers. This in turn offers compels the muscle cruisers to offer a sporty performance for its riders. The engine torque and other things are controlled by the onboard computer.

Once you are on the cruiser, you will definitely forget that roads and road rules exist. You will be tempted to flaunt all the rules. Though you may not achieve this in the city, the cruiser can give you the experience on country roads. Hence, it is recommended that you always wear all your safety gear as we never know when you will listen to your heart and twist your right wrist.

2009 Star VMAX Cruiser – Beginning of a Legend

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Auto, Car, Bikes, 2009 Star VMAX Cruiser,“We did not improve on a legend. We created a new one,” says the press release when the 2009 Star VMAX Cruiser was introduced. There is some truth to the statement released by the people at Star. The bike was first released a decade ago in 1997 and was rejected by the market owing to its weight and fuel consumption. Since then, there has been a constant research going on the bike to make the best bike in the world.

Finally, the engineers at the Star Motors achieved the model they wanted. Of course, the model was modified time and again based on the bikers’ advice. Thus, in effect, the 2009 Star VMAX Cruiser has a considerable effort from the bike lovers as well.

Currently the 2009 Star VMAX Cruiser is being sold under the banner of the Yamaha Group. The target clientele is the youth who believe in aggressiveness and showing his or her powers off to everyone. The STAR is a hit because of the total restructuring of the engine, which is now a big element that roars while flying on the roads.