Auto, Car, Bikes, 2009 Big Dogs, X Wedge WolfThe Wolf is the second generation of the research that gave rise to the 2008 PitBull. If you can recall, the Pitbull was voted 2008 V Twin Bike of the Year by Paisano Publications, the parent company of the Easyriders.

As the design is an alteration of the Pitbull, there are some similarities in both the models. The one easily recognizable is the tank design and the flow of the bike. Unlike the Pitbull that is broken by its seat, the Wolf has a continuation as the 4.5 gallon tank, seat pan and the rear fender run along the full length of the bike!

One of the best attributes of the Wolf is the seven inch stretch to the backbone that is claimed to be overbuilt to resist torsional twisting. The seat is adjustable at an even position with the front wheel that is 23 inches. The rear wheel is not that big and is slightly lower to offer less resistance as well as full comfort to the cruiser.


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