BMW K1300GT Streetbike – The Touring Motorbike

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Auto, Car, Bike, BMW K1300GT StreetbikeThe S models of the BMW are primarily meant for the European market where speed is a major concern. But the features of the bikes contribute to orders from around the world so it is not a surprise if you find the BMW S series in the US. The K series have the same parts in the bike, the same engine, the same chassis and everything similar to the S series.

The BMW K1300GT has an engine that has been tuned for more ride ability that makes it slightly less on the power as compared to the S models. Sleek and splendid, the GT has all the looks that a biker needs. The GT is also customizable as per your needs but keep in mind, the laws while getting the bike customized.

The ergonomics of the bile available through the range of choice in seats and adjustable seats as well as the handle bars make the bike ideal for people of different shapes and sizes. You can also opt for a premium package that has Xenon headlights, thermal seats and grips, onboard computer, TPM sensors, and an ASC.