Moto Guzzi Stelvio – Keeping Guzzi V-Twin Alive

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Auto, Car, Motor Guzzi StelvioStelvio is Moto Guzzi’s retaliation to the BMW GS. The design aims to surpass the many features of the BMW GS. Described a two wheeled SUV, the Stelvio is more of an adventure bike that can tackle almost all kinds of roads. You can even pass the Stelvio Pass on the bike.

The Stelvio is centered on its signature “traverse mount” Guzzi’s patented V twin engines. It claims to have 563 new parts. The one to be noted is the quattrovalvole head. The engine is slightly modified to offer the four-valve design. The same engine is also present in the Moto Guzzi’s Griso. The four valve engine gives you more power albeit at more revolutions.

Once you are on it, you will forget all the rules of the road, but it is recommended that you follow them. Use appropriate safety gear, as you may
be tempted to use your right hand to increase the speed on more dangerous roads.

INFINITI M35 2008 – Still on the Safety Front

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Infiniti M35 2008With a V6, 3.5-liter engine, the INFINITI M35 2008 is still the best sedan when compared to others on the criteria of safety. Not only the safety features, the sedan offers a great mileage too. You can reach up to 16 MPG in the busy traffic of the city and a whopping 23 MPG on free highways. The sedan comes with a 5-speed auto transmission supported by power drive.

The INFINITI M35 2008 is no less on the safety front. For the driver’s safety, the sedan has standard airbag that saves the driver’s head and other parts. For the passengers, the sedan has airbags on the both sides and rear too.

Apart from the airbags, the INFINITI M35 2008 offers you a standard engine immobilizer as well as a standard traction control. The security can be enhanced using the recommended model of tires that comes with symmetrical tracks.