Mercedes Benz C300 2008 Luxury AWD – More Space, More Torque and More Horsepower

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Auto, Car, Bike, Mercedes Benz C300 2008The comparatively cheaper car from the Mercedes, the Benz C class is back with slightly modified features this year. Mercedes has made two special trims for the year 2008. They are Mercedes Benz C300 Sport and the Mercedes Benz C300 Luxury. Other than these two, the motor company has also released two more trims based on the same models in C300. They are Mercedes C350 and Mercedes C63 AMG. The last one does not belong to the C300 series but most of the features are same as that in the C300 series.

The Mercedes Benz C300 2008 Luxury AWD is slightly larger in all dimensions. The length and width have been increased a bit. The wheelbase also has some modification as regards the size. It has also been increased by a few inches. The vehicle is powered by the 228 hp 3L V6 engine. The engine offers six to seven speed gears. In the Mercedes C300 2008 Luxury AWD, you can see a seven speed automatic transmission. The C300 boasts of 268 horsepower and 258 lb per feet torque.

Triumph’s Awesome Street Triple 675

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Auto, Car, Bike, Triumph Street Triple 675Riding the Triumph Street Triple 675 may be hazardous to your driver privileges. This is the disclaimer that you will get on most of the ads for Triumph Street Triple 675. And it is true. Once you are on the bike, you forget that there are driving rules and regulations. Screeching sounds, smoke and sirens are all part of driving the Triple 675.

You may wonder about the above line. The screeching sound is the rear tire that skids when you apply brakes while driving at high speeds. The smoke is the dust raised by the Street Triple 675. Sirens? Well, they are the police after you for flaunting the rules of the road.

But you are not to blame. Blame it on the liquid cooled 675cc inline three engines. The engine is the same that was used in the Daytona 675 with some alterations that offer you more control over the torque produced by the engine. To sum up, the engine of the Triple 675 is fully controlled by you. You can use it mildly or wildly depending upon your relation with the roads.