Yamaha Star VMAX – A Comparison with B King

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Auto, Car, Bike, Yamaha Star VMAXThe Yamaha Star VMAX 2009 is a massive street bike that has all the features of a sportsbike, except that it cannot be taken to the dirt tracks where the distance between the base of the bike and ground level is not much high. It is not suited to the uneven tracks. The B King on the other hand was released in the 2008 and rules several hearts. Both bikes are different in looks but offer almost the same power drive.

Both bikes command around 400 horsepower and are built to look the wildest street bikes ever seen in the history. The Suzuki B King too gives you an impression as if you are playing some simulation game. But both bikes are for real. You can feel the gaming simulations coming true on the roads if you can properly control the bikes and the law permits the extraordinary speeds that both of these bikes offer!

Suzuki’s B-King – Massive Streetbike

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Auto, Car, Bikes, Suzuki B KingWhen William Blake wrote “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” he did not expect that someday a street bike will come over on the road of excess. Though a street bike, the Suzuki B King can handle most terrains. But there is no question of wisdom here. The Suzuki B King seduces you into breaking all the rules of the road with the extravagant features and looks it possesses.

The freakishly powerful street bike devolved from brain from human, offers base lust for full throttle with full control of the machine. Once you have a ride on the bike, you will wonder who gave you a valid driver’s license! Such is the seducing power of the B King. The B King commands around 400 horsepower in the 2008 model. The B King is unmatched and next only to the Star VMAX’s 2009 version. Though a street bike, it is built on the concept of the sport bike Hayabusa Inline-Four.