Auto, Car, Bike, Honda CB1000R Street Bike,It has been forty years since the Japanese invaded the market, Honda comes up with the CB 1000R to counter some of the best sportsbikes from all over the world. It is still to be seen if the Honda CB1000R can really beat the best super nakeds from Britain and Italy. The surprising factor is that though the bike challenges the best bikes around the world, it is keeping the sales limited to the European continent only!

The attitude at Honda has always been to offer the riders with all the glamour they need. The 2008 Honda CB1000R is not back in the endeavor. The machine weighs only 478 lbs, just 40 lbs more than the favorite Blade 2008. The extra weight is due to the heavily braced single sided swingarm.

The bikes swoopy four-spoke rear wheel offers an aura that is hard to resist. The LCD clocks on the front are said to be the most expensive in the bikers; world. The bodywork and the aggressive ‘ready-to-attack’ stance inform you at the very first look that this is not a normal Honda naked bike. It has been designed to offer a sporty ride combined with the looks better than of the most nakeds. To sum up, the 2008 Honda CB1000R is not a match for the best super nakeds. It is much more than that.


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